external files

  1. Valerie

    Legacy GM Help with External Files

    Hi friends! đź‘‹ I make a lot of pseudo-3d games with rendered cutscenes that use animated sprites. Despite heavily compressing them, they tend to eat up Gms1.4s rather limited memory quite fast. Id like to store all of the animated sprites for a particular level in an external folder, and then...
  2. flykidsblue1

    Idea Is GITHUB a viable way of storing files for my games?

    Hey everyone! So I basically want to add a "news" section in my game where users can be informed of any upcoming updates to my game/games and what not. I was using the http_get_file(); funtion to download the "news.zip" file. I was first thinking of using google drive, but each time I delete the...
  3. K

    GMS 2.3+ Creating and storing complex enemy data

    I'm working on sort of a 1st-person 1-on-1 fighting game, involving attacking different parts of the body to deal different types of injuries and such. There would be a lot of different enemies with many different body types and sprites, and by extension, different "hardpoints" to attack. So...
  4. PhenomenalDev

    Legacy GM Attempting to use Fortran dll with GMS1, having issues

    I have produced a dll with gfortran that performs a basic function (shown below) and have attempted to write code to interface with it but I get the classic 'error defining external function' when I attempt to define a function from it and I'm not sure why. I know the function is exposed as I've...
  5. O

    Can I store and access bulk amounts of text outside of scripts?

    I'm working on something of a Dating Sim and thus have a large amount of text throughout the game. I was wondering if there is any way to store all of the individual text blocks in something like a .txt file in my game directory and access line-by-line with something like a 'read' function... It...
  6. P

    Loading external CSV and images

    Hiya! I'm trying to load a list of enemies from a webserver (around 100 at a time). I need to be able to do two things: 1. Load in names and 1-3 stats. 2. Load in images and add them to already existing sprites. I've tried: - Database connection with scripts and php/MySQL stuff from tutorials...
  7. S

    SOLVED External .ogg audio file not playing

    Hey guys! I guess this is the first time, I don't know what to do and am so desperate to ask other people what I'm doing wrong. So the idea: I want to load music from my computer, get it into my project and play the audio To do so, I use the nsfs extension of yellow afterlife so I don't have...
  8. C

    GMS 2 NPC object good practice

    Hi all! I'm quite new to this so I appreciate all feedback. I'm currently trying to figure out how to best approach having numerous NPCs with varying importance (more important -> more features), different dialogue, etc. I had originally thought to create one generic NPC object and create ini...
  9. Furkan Karabudak

    Linux [MAYBE SOLVED]• How can I use .SO files ?

    Actually there are a few questions that I want to ask. EDIT : I got the answer to the first two questions in another forum. I just need help with the third question. 1• I don't know much about Linux. .so files on Linux = .dll files on Windows, is it correct ? I mean, does both types of files...
  10. Woowoo

    Dealing with external mp3 files

    Hi! I'm using the soundcloud API to download external mp3 files for my game, but it can only download mp3 files. I couldn't find a way to play external mp3 files, and I even tried to make my own mp3 decoder in gml (that didn't end well). Is there a way to convert an already existing mp3 file...
  11. F

    Legacy GM drawing a external gif image shows only a distorted first frame

    Hi. I am making an cutscene engine. So I used the I Will Find You And I Will Kill You scene as an example. The gif is 640*480 17MB 510 frames (or at least that is what IrfanView told me) room start scene=sprite_add("iwillkillyou.gif",0,0,0,0,0) audio=audio_create_stream("cutscene...
  12. Gamerev147

    Legacy GM Can Someone Help Me?

    Hello. I've been having so many issues with the way I load custom maps in my game. I'm not very good at explaining so I'll try my best to tell you what is happening right now, and how I want it to look in the end. So I have a single script that loads a custom map. The way it loads the map is...
  13. SayBaconOneMoreTime

    GMS 2 .ini or text file for dialogue?

    Hi there: I'm currently trying to set up a more efficient way to handle long bits of dialogue than writing them out in the code editor. I find this to be not only very cumbersome, since they can't all feasibly be in one place for easy access/editing with this method and the GMS2 interface is...
  14. Tsa05

    GMS 2 Advice for packed resources?

    I'd like to be able to take a number of sound files, combine them all into one single resource file package, and use them in GameMaker. Lots of games seem to do this kind of thing with media files; it makes it much easier to supply updates and downloadable extra content. I could obviously pack...
  15. F

    Legacy GM In-game loading screens

    I am making a game that has a lot of backgrounds. But since some of the backgrounds are for exp. 1000Ă—1000, I've decided to use them as external files and load the through background_add(), but when do I know the loading is going to finish. Is there a way to check if a sprite/background is going...
  16. F

    Legacy GM Is there a easier way to loading external resources (objects, rooms etc.)

    Maybe sprite_add and background_add isn't that hard, but isn't object_add() and what comes after that just way too much. Can't I somehow import resources (like objects and rooms) through code without coding everything? Can I just "compress" the whole object in only one file, and how?
  17. R

    HTML5 Custom Image as Game Sprite

    Hi there! :) Can I create a button to let user to select some image on hard disk, and use this image as an game object? I was thinking of using ajax to upload the image and use the sprite_add function with the image url to show these image on game, but I don't had some ajax knowledge to do this...
  18. L

    Legacy GM c++

    what if I code some function in c++ and have game maker read its output, will it be faster than just coding it in gamemaker? (example, a while loop checking for a value in a 100x100 array) after all, isn't game maker slow, and c++ really fast?
  19. Heavybrush

    Included Files Directory

    Hi, I'm trying to understand the path of the included files directory I have to read a txt file included manually in game maker but I have to read it by code if(directory_exists(working_directory + "\I need this path of the included files directory\")) also here I'm not sure about the...
  20. A

    Arranging external files in neat folders?

    I have a lot of things exported with my game exe file, most specifically the soundtrack (in Sounds) and some inis (in Included Files). I was wondering how to arrange them in neat folders (not in the GMS IDE but in the actual exported zip / game folder)? It's probably simple but still, I...