1. breakmt

    Can I add gradle repository?

    Is there any way to add injection in gradle repositories for extensions? I mean, I need to add this repository: maven { url "https://adcolony.bintray.com/AdColony" } But in extension properties I wee only "Inject in Gradle dependencies". I can use only jcenter()? :(
  2. Ruimm

    pausing a spine animation

    Hi. I'm using a Spine animation in my game but I'm not sure how I can pause the animation. In Spine usually you'd set the "time scale" property of an animation to zero, but I can't find anyway of setting that in GameMaker? Has anyone done this before? Thanks ;)
  3. clee2005

    Removing Android permission in Manifest

    Hey guys, I understand that you can remove permissions that are merged with : <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS" tools:node="remove"/> I have put this in an extension at the manifest level and it sees it in the LINT output, but the permission still gets...
  4. H

    Legacy GM dll extension "LoadLibraryA failed with error code 4250"

    Hello new GMC! This is my first post here! ;) I'm working on an update for Fortify. I wrote a dll last spring that implements the matchmaking and peer to peer functionality from the Steam API. The update actually has nothing to do with the multiplayer, but when opening the project with...
  5. Shadowblitz16

    Error on load, Uable to find function List.gml

    can someone explain how to get my extension working? I currently was just testing to see if I could make a simple extension, however it seems when I call the function "List" it can't find it even though it gets highlighted in the script editor I wanted to make an extension that does not add...
  6. A

    Android [SOLVED] startActivity (Java) not running

    EDIT: I succeeded! All I had to do was change to I hope this helps others who get stuck on this. I'm trying to create an Android extension that allows the user to share their score. I found this code online, and put it in a Java extension. Here is the function: public void share(String str)...
  7. RizbIT

    Question - General Is the marketplace a good business

    Im just curious as to how effective the GM marketplace is as a business for individuals or companies. We know that people are willing to pay several hundred dollars for Studio and export modules but what about extension or assets. How much are people willing to pay for items in the...
  8. P

    Android [SOLVED] YYC works without libpng error, but only with old Google extension

    Hi, I've got everything updated with the fantastic "Playlight" set-up. Running 1760, windows 64, NDKr12b, jdk1.8.0_101, target24, min 9, compile24, build 24.0.2, support 24.2.1 and unchecked the lint box. With this setup i'm able to create YYC apk's without libpng problems, but only if i use...
  9. RizbIT

    Java Extensions For Windows Desktop

    I know the extension made for Android are in Java, You have to enter the class name into the settings. Windows PC also can make use of Java. SO can you make extensions for WIndows desktop games/apps suing Java? If not why not, is it only reserved for Android apps?
  10. W

    How can I get the full array from an extension asynchronously?

    I have a script that gets each pixel's color from a sprite and modifies the color, then populates a single array with the values, this takes an exponentially long time for the script to finish depending on the size of the sprite, I want to make an extension that returns the completed array...
  11. RizbIT

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for extensions for Windows Phone

    Hi Im paying for extensions for Windows Phone. Need: Select photo from phone gallery, get path so can load it in as sprite/background take photo using camera make a phone call send a SMS select a phone contact
  12. W

    Asset - Extension Folder Loader, Install folders on Android device!

    Folder Pick, an Extension for Android via GameMaker: Studio. for only 99 cents!! Brought to you by Roadhammer Gaming! This extension is designed for your Android game and app releases made with GameMaker Studio and will allow you to make up to 4 folders (each additional folder inside the...
  13. W

    Android Extension compile error manifest not found

    Hi I'm making a native extension for android and when I try to compile or build it it fails for file not found, heres the compile error: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project ':23.2.1'. > java.io.FileNotFoundException...
  14. W

    Android Any advanced extension tutorials for Android?

    Hi I've been working 5 days straight minimum of 14 hours a day trying to make a native extension for Android, I've searched the internet a hundred times at least and found nothing on making extensions except the basic bare bones examples from yoyo and a few others, I'm not trying to make some...
  15. Freddy Jones

    Asynchronous support on HTML5?

    I've done a google search, and also looked a bit on the Yoyogame's help area. There seems to be documentation on a few modules, but there appears to be none on JavaScript. I'm referring to this post by Nocturne where he's discussing how to access the social asynchronous functionality when...
  16. B

    Google Firebase Analytics

    Hi, I need to integrate analytics in my games. I was using Google Analytics, but recently Google switched to Firebase. When will yoyo update analytics demo? Here's similar post about my problem...