1. M

    IAP Google play

    Is there anyone willing to check out my game and my code and see what I'm doing wrong with my iaps ? I will mention your brand in my description in the google play store :-) https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/windows/
  2. Drell

    Windows DLL Implementation

    I am currently implementing a 3rd party DLL in my sudio's game, Evolver, and I'm having some issues understanding how the DLL would work in game maker. The DLL is a netcode that uses an object to manage the game session between end users, and I know that part of the issue is my lack of C based...
  3. Underground

    Question - IDE Facebook extension don't works on runtime (both iOS and Android)

    I'm testing some projects and realize that there is some issues with the Facebook extension. ANDROID: Project doesn't builds, launch an error, here is the complete output log: iOS: Project builds to xcode, but trying to run it there is a File not found error regarding the facebook...
  4. zbox

    Portfolio - Programming Android (And all other platforms) Extensions - 10 Years of Experience

    Hi all! I'm looking for work specifically in regard to the implementation and creation of Android extensions, SDK's and more. I have a proven track record of professional work for many clients, and some of my public works include: CamSurface SMS Manager WebView Appsflyer Vungle Firebase...
  5. sercan

    Android using extensions

    Hi, I got some free extensions from marketplace. One of them is about share. What do I have to wirte in left released event of share button to make work that share extension on android? could you please explain clearly what is external_define and external_call for? Now I have the extension in...
  6. Ruimm

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] creating and exporting an extension in GM:S2

    Hi all I just got GM:S2 and I'm loving it so far. However I'm trying to create an extension with some scripts that I have on a Project because I want to use them on several diferente projects. But there doesn't seem to be a way to export extensions, or I'm not seeing how to? Also it doesn't seem...
  7. Ruimm

    Asset - Extension Verlet Physics - Particles + Springs + Examples [FREE]

    Hello everyone. I just published a Verlet Physics asset on the Market Place. It is free! You can get it here! You can use it to create Particles and Springs. You can then apply forces, impulses, solve particle to particle collisions, etc.. The asset comes with some examples: explosions, cloth...
  8. JML

    is it safe to add code to build.gradle files in %AppData%\Roaming\GameMaker-Studio\Android\runner ?

    Greetings, in build.gradle, how do you add or modify code that is not in the dependencies? i want to add the following directly before dependencies repositories {mavenCentral()} but the problem is i cannot figure out how to do so, in extensions properties they allow you to inject into...
  9. babyjeans

    GMS 2 C++ Extensions Header?

    I've been writing some C++ based DLLs and noticed in other forum posts / documentation online that there's a "RunnerJNILib" for the Android version which has some useful functions - like the ability to create a DSMap from the plugin. Is there a header file for a similar set of functions to be...
  10. M

    Question - Code Extensions vs Packages

    Hello, What is the difference between Extensions and Packages? In GMS2, there is a menu item to create a package, but I can't find any place to create an extension. In the documentation it guides me in how to create an extension, but no where does it say how to create the GMEZ file. Did...
  11. Tonydaderp

    Legacy GM Gamepad axis released?

    Hello guys, for the past hour i've been trying to implement a gamepad released function. However, i have failed every time i tried. I even tried using input_dog, an extension. (https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/243/input-dog) However, i have tried many ways to implement the extension to...
  12. G

    Android Billing not working

    I used to have In-App Purchases in my app working properly, but since I've updated to GMS 1.4.1760 , they don't work anymore. Instead, I get a message saying: "This version of the app is not configured for billing through Google Play". I checked and there is no sign of "In-App Purchases"...
  13. babyjeans

    GMS 2 Best Way to Render from a DLL?

    I've been experimenting with working with extensions and DLLs, and was wondering what people have done in the past to render from a DLL? I've seen a few extensions that seem to do this, but wasn't sure. Right now, I'm thinking my best bet is to share a buffer with the DLL, and...
  14. Thijs Hof

    Legacy GM Extensions not working

    I can't add extensions anymore... :bash: What i do: Right click "Extensions" Click "Import extension from library" Goto "My Library" Click "Add to project" next to the extension i want to install (Google Play Services -Nothing happens- :( I also tried using "import extension" and selecting...
  15. Thijs Hof

    Legacy GM Cannot add extensions

    I can't add extensions anymore... :bash: What i do: Right click "Extensions" Click "Import extension from library" Goto "My Library" Click "Add to project" next to the extension i want to install (Google Play Services) -Nothing happens- :( I also tried using "import extension" and selecting...
  16. Samuel Venable

    Question - IDE Updating an asset to GMS2?

    The update asset button is greyed out in the desktop edition, does this mean I can't upload the GMS2 versions of my extensions yet? I noticed some users, who aren't YoYoGames, have managed to upload GMS2 versions of their assets, (the icon indicating that in the top left hand corner), so I just...
  17. G

    Legacy GM Large dynamic resources loading method not blocking the game

    Hi, I would like to ask, if there is a method (included or extension) to load external resources without blocking the game pipeline. (I use sprite_add function in the code) To be clear, I am working on a game that would preferrably use sprite sheets for character actions (composed layered as...
  18. RizbIT

    whatsapp api

    hi you know like in GMS third parties can make extensions that can extend the functionality of GMS can we do the same thing for whatsapp? I mean can me and you use some API or SDK to create plugins for Whatsapp ?
  19. H

    Game Mechanics Need help understanding this license

    I've got another thing I want to try and add onto GM:S 1.x The V8 Javascript engine made by Google. It would be pretty cool to be able to run javascript in game. No idea how it works right now and there's a really good chance this project will never see the light of day. Buuut, just in case I...
  20. Samuel Venable

    Question - D&D [SOLVED] Action Libraries

    Merry Shrekmas everyone! Something I really liked about GameMaker Studio 1.x is that you could still make action libraries that work with it using the good old GameMaker 7.0 Action Library Maker and I was wondering if this was still possible in 2.x? If it isn't, I'd like to suggest it as a...