1. Samuel Venable

    Mac OSX [macOS Extension Creation] Combining C++ with CoCoa and Objective-C

    GM Version: GMStudio 1.4 and GMStudio 2.x Target Platform: Mac OS X / macOS GMStudio 1.4 Download: [macOSExtension.gmz] GMStudio 2.x Download: [macOSExtension.yyz] What will this tutorial not be covering? To be clear, I will NOT be teaching you how to program in C++ or Objective-C, nor will I...
  2. MudbuG

    Windows Is Social the only callback event available for C++ extension?

    I need to notify GameMaker of events that happen in my C++ Windows extension. Is the Social event the only event that can (and should) be used by extensions, or is it possible (and even a good idea) to user other events that might seem more appropriate? For reference...
  3. S

    need correction or an opinion to this extension!

    can someone load and correct this extension or can maybe help me with that ? i just basicly want to import NFC compatibility to GM:Studio https://ufile.io/b9acd here u can find it i upload it to uploadfiles.io
  4. clee2005

    iOS iOS CocoaPods Support

    Does anyone know if there is a way to include/hack CocoaPod support into an extension? Thanks, Chris
  5. RyanC

    Android Adding Scripts to an Extension in Game Maker

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know how to add scripts to an extension for new functionality. I'm trying to update the Flurry extension to be fully GDPR complaint, as the YoYo Games Flurry ext has not been updated to support GDPR yet. The script that allows users to exercise their rights and view data...
  6. G

    Android Game crashes on launching (Android 8)

    It's been two months since I released a very important update to my game, the exact time I bought a new smartphone which came with Android 7. My game was released two years ago, and since then me and other ones have been playing it with no trouble at all. But suddenly, my smartphone updated...
  7. K

    Can I use GitHub while using exstensions

    Can I use Github while using extensions from the marketplace? I want to make my game open source (I'm using GoogleAnalytics and GooglePlayServices)
  8. HW.

    Android [SOLVED] import java extension ${YYAndroidPackageName}.R - ${YYAndroidPackageName.RunnerActivity

    I want to ask YoYo team, or anyone else who has experiences to answer this specific question about the RunnerActivity of the GMS2 engine, for the sole purpose of creating an Android native extension for GameMaker projects (best-practice way). Okay, so what i read from the YoYo official...
  9. Samuel Venable

    Portfolio - Programming Extension Writer looking for work [CHEAP, Currently Available!]

    ABOUT ME I have been writing GameMaker extensions in C++ for over half a decade. I will make extensions for your games, and will give you the source code to the extensions I make. Whether you want the source code of the extension, outside of the GML, fully commented is up to you, at no extra...
  10. clee2005

    Job Offer - Programmer Please Delete

    Is there no ability to delete a post?
  11. H

    Question - IDE [SOLVED] Can't figure out how to add objects to extensions

    Exactly as the title states, I can't add objects to extensions. What happened to being able to export IDE resources to extensions? I didn't think I should have to mention this since it's in the 2.x forum but this is pertaining to GMS 2.x.
  12. T

    Mac OSX Shared Library Extensions Just Don't Work?

    I've seen it alluded to in one place but want to know for sure. Shared libraries don't work in extensions on MacOS in GM Studio 2? If true, why isn't it on the roadmap or mentioned as a limitation? (If I'm missing an official KB article or something, please let me know.) It seems like a big...
  13. A

    Asset - Extension Marketplace extensions give code error

    I've downloaded 2 extensions lately and after importing everything into my game, each extension gives the same error, "unknown function or script" for there "custom" code lines and I have no clue why its doing so. I'm using the latest version of GMS 1.4 (stable). Any suggestions would help...
  14. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension Extensions upgraded to iOS

    Hello Community! I've updated some of my extensions to be compatible with iOS, all my old clients will benefit Camera iOS&Android: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4198/camera-ios-android Share Image iOS&Android: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/3954/share-image-ios-android...
  15. K

    Android Remove google analytics extension not compiling

    I can't compile my game anymore when trying to remove the google analytics extension (witch I'm not using) This is what the Compile Windows shows What should I do to remove the google analytics extension properly
  16. D

    Mac OSX TweenGMS causing iOS build to fail

    So I was able to run my game on my iPhone just fine until I added TweenGMS Pro to the project. The extension works fine when testing on my Mac but not my iPhone. And I'm no expert on the error messages but I assume this is the relevant stuff...
  17. F

    How to import an extension package and MAKE IT WORK?!

    Hi. I downloaded an extension for playing videos in my game (since the developers were smart and decided to remove the splash video function). In the extension, there was only a .gmez file, so I opened it in gms in the asset called "Extensions"... now what? I saw a few tutorials on...
  18. D

    Question - Code Writing extensions

    Hello, GM community. I would like to know if it is possible to write native extensions in e.g. Windows DLLs to augment the GML system. If so, how can I start? Can someone point me examples in C/C++, C# or whatever other language supported? Thank you!
  19. HW.

     (Solved) GMS2 errors/ No INI File / LoadLibraryA failed with error code 193

    +++FEEDBACK for "report a bug" page: please give a button to upload screenshots "there". so that i don't have to upload "here" first and then give this url link to "there". "There" ----is---> https://account.yoyogames.com/report-bug Here are some errors that happen recently on GMS2 IDE...
  20. W

    [Solved] Android - What differences are there in creating extensions for gms2 vs 1x?

    Hi, I'm wondering what the differences would be when writing Android extensions for GMS 2? I've had some requests to do so but I can't find any documentation on what the differences are? So a few questions: Do you need to own GMS 2 to produce extensions for GMS 2? (kinda guessing you do to...