1. RizbIT

    How do ya make UWP extensions

    I need a UWP windows desktop app extension that allows you to record music playing on the PC in real time. Simple start / stop recording functions. On Android you use Java, on iOS you use Objective C And I have managed to make those. But what language do you use to make extensions for UWP...
  2. Bawat

    GMS 2 Getting started with C++ DLL Extension creation in Eclipse

    With the aim of getting improved performance, I set out on the odyssey to create a .DLL extension in C++. With no up to date resources on how to get this set up properly, and little memory of C++ it took me 2 days to get GMS2 and the DLL to communicate. The two goals of this guide and it's...
  3. xDGameStudios

    Discussion Hiding functions in extensions??

    As opposed to GMS1 in GMS2 you cannot directly toggle if you want to hide functions inside extensions. So I went ahead and took a look inside the YY file.. it turns out there is a "hidden" flag there :) Nice!! But when i set it to "true" nothing happens... functions are still showing in the...
  4. clee2005

    Job Offer - Programmer UWP Extension for Ads and IAPs

    So I'm looking for someone who can put together a UWP extension (or 2 separate) to handle Ads and IAPs for the Microsoft App Store. Microsoft has an SDK for Ads and also for IAPs. You can keep the completed assets and sell them on the marketplace. There is no way to monetize in the...
  5. Paul R Birkholtz

    GMS 2 Create New Visual Programming Blocks?

    I'm trying out the visual programming because it feels pretty well made, I know I can just use GML to use extension commands. So can we add to the visual programming toolbox? I know there is the code tool block which lets you write GML but I don't see a way of saving that into a reusable piece...
  6. TheProgrammer163

    GMS 2 Can someone walk me through making an extension for GMS2 ?

    I'd like to make a few extensions, mostly for myself to keep my projects more organized/make it easier to import the scripts that I reuse all the time. With some cleanup some of them would even be worth and useful enough to make public. However every time I start reading about it I get lost in...
  7. Y

    Android depths

    Hi everyone, i have an android question, how can i acces to layouts from an extension? i mean i use the onDraw method but it only draw over everything, i want to draw inside the game like using depths
  8. Pfap

    gml extensions

    I have a group of 6 sprites, 4 objects, and 1 script that compose a notification system I built. Is it possible to create an extension that includes all those resources, so that I don't need to import them all individually in to each of my projects that I want to use them in? I created an...
  9. C

    [SOLVED... kind of] Changing iOS/Android App Switcher Screenshots?

    I'm trying to change the screenshot that is caught by the OS when the application goes to the background / is minimized and then is viewed in the app switcher (physical button on Galaxy, swipe up on iPhone X, etc.). I have tried drawing a sprite when os_is_paused is true; however, the issue is...
  10. G

    Android / Amazon Fire IAP "Unable to get a valid license"

    I'm trying to implement a very simple "Remove Ads" IAP button in my game. My issue: When my game starts, it displays the following message: As well, if I click the "retry" button on this message and click my "Remove Ads" button fast enough, it will go open the purchase box and display the...
  11. F

    Android: "Failed to create MD5 hash for file"

    Hello, I'm trying to build a project for Android that contains an extension I am making (a wrapper for a video ads provider). The project fails to build with the following output to console: logging-interceptor-3.7.0.jar is present inside the extension's AndroidSource/libs directory. In the...
  12. F

    Passing a ds_list as parameter to an extension function

    Hello, I'm writing an extension for Android (which will be also ported to iOS and Windows). I need to pass a ds_list as a parameter of a Java method. How would I do it? In GML I would pass the index of the ds_list as argument to the function. But how do I access the values of the said list in...
  13. MudbuG

    Multi-target extension function names

    I am currently working on an extension that targets both Windows and HTML5 targets. In the first case, I have a c++ DLL, in the 2nd case, a javascript file. I want to call the same function in both cases. GM prevents me from using the same function name in the js extension as I did in the c++...
  14. Samuel Venable

    Mac OSX [macOS Extension Creation] Combining C++ with CoCoa and Objective-C

    GM Version: GMStudio 1.4 and GMStudio 2.x Target Platform: Mac OS X / macOS GMStudio 1.4 Download: [macOSExtension.gmz] GMStudio 2.x Download: [macOSExtension.yyz] What will this tutorial not be covering? To be clear, I will NOT be teaching you how to program in C++ or Objective-C, nor will I...
  15. MudbuG

    Windows Is Social the only callback event available for C++ extension?

    I need to notify GameMaker of events that happen in my C++ Windows extension. Is the Social event the only event that can (and should) be used by extensions, or is it possible (and even a good idea) to user other events that might seem more appropriate? For reference...
  16. S

    need correction or an opinion to this extension!

    can someone load and correct this extension or can maybe help me with that ? i just basicly want to import NFC compatibility to GM:Studio https://ufile.io/b9acd here u can find it i upload it to uploadfiles.io
  17. clee2005

    iOS iOS CocoaPods Support

    Does anyone know if there is a way to include/hack CocoaPod support into an extension? Thanks, Chris
  18. RyanC

    Android / Amazon Fire Adding Scripts to an Extension in Game Maker

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know how to add scripts to an extension for new functionality. I'm trying to update the Flurry extension to be fully GDPR complaint, as the YoYo Games Flurry ext has not been updated to support GDPR yet. The script that allows users to exercise their rights and view data...
  19. Gabriel

    Android / Amazon Fire Game crashes on launching (Android 8)

    It's been two months since I released a very important update to my game, the exact time I bought a new smartphone which came with Android 7. My game was released two years ago, and since then me and other ones have been playing it with no trouble at all. But suddenly, my smartphone updated...
  20. K

    Can I use GitHub while using exstensions

    Can I use Github while using extensions from the marketplace? I want to make my game open source (I'm using GoogleAnalytics and GooglePlayServices)