1. B

    SOLVED Create DsList in iOS Native extension

    Hello I have created an extension for iOS with Objective C and I need to return a list of maps. In the iOS native extensions examples show how to create a dsMap with CreateDsMap, but nothing more. How can I create a DsList of DsMaps in objective C? Is there a list of all the GameMaker...
  2. B

    Create DsList in iOS Native extension

    I am creating an extension in objective C and I need to send a list of information to the GameMaker async call. The extension example only shows how to create a simple DSMap. How can I manage DSList in objective c? Is there a web page with all the Gamemaker functions supported in native iOS...
  3. R

    GMS 2.3+ Extension function not properly reading string return value from .dll

    Hi all. I'm having some trouble with a pathfinding extension I'm trying to write. The first real function of the extension that I'm trying to test out is the function to make the grid object for pathfinding, and I figured that I could cast a pointer to the object into a string and pass that back...
  4. sercan

    Discussion Why do some certain mobile features not come as built in GMS2?

    Hi, I am using GMS2 only for creating mobile games. I have android and IOS export, no any other. You know, almost all of mobile games, has basic icons as share, iap, leaderboards, achievements, etc. Looking at the purposes, many of them works in a same way I mean you tap share and a screenshot...
  5. RizbIT

    Manually inject to iOS plist when exporting project to XCode

    Is there a way to inject an entry into the projects plist on Xcode I have seen "iosplistinject" in the extensions .yy file So for example on my extension (which targets iOS) how would you create an entry in plist for: Application supports iTunes file sharing Boolean Yes
  6. Binsk

    Asset - Scripts UBG Simple Health Bars

    Would you like to be able to throw together some health bars as easily as possible? Do you also want flexibility so they can look just like you want as well as documentation to show you how to get there? Well perfect, you found what you needed. Yoyo Marketplace Upset Baby Games Itch.io Store...
  7. G

    GMS 2 GMS2 java extension global var

    Hi. I am making an extension now. The language is java. I want to use global variable inside java script. For example) public class GenericTest { public interface TestMath extends Library { // Foreign functions public double Add(double a, double b); public double...
  8. Bawat

    Windows Asynchronous C++ DLL Extension creation in Eclipse

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio Target Platform: Windows Only Download: https://www.bawat.net/downloads/GameMakerStudioResources/DLLExampleUsage.yyz Links: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/getting-started-with-c-dll-extension-creation-in-eclipse.73728/ Links...
  9. RedKnight91

    Question - Code Mismatching script indices

    Hi, I'm looking into Game Maker Extensions. I've made a few assets so far but I've never turned them into an extension before, so I want to up my game. I got familiar with the whole procedure, but right now I'm hitting a weird behavior.Here is my setup: * I have a project with ~98 scripts in...
  10. xDGameStudios

    Asset - Extension IBig, your BigInteger library for GML

    Hi everyone, here xD, from xDGameStudio. some weeks ago I realized the marketplace didn't offer a good library to handle algebraic and logical with integers that go beyond 64bit in size. So I decided to put together an extension library to do just that. This library handles all the basic...
  11. O

    Question - General Problem with IronSource extension - game can't build - GM:S 1.4

    Hi, I have quite a weird situation here. I hope someone had that problem and knows how to fix it. About 3 months ago I bought the IronSource ad mediation extension and I tried it on an empty project. It worked perfectly in that specific project. But now in my game, and in any empty project I...
  12. JaimitoEs

    Asset - Extension DarkSpine Level Editor FrameWork [2.2] Full Release GMS1/GMS2

    DARKSPINE LEVEL EDITOR FRAMEWORK MARKETPLACE Description Hello World! DarkSpine is a real-time level editor created natively for GameMaker Studio 1/2 Directly inspired by the UbiArt Framework, DarkSpine arrives with implementations to maximize workflow. You can create all kinds of systems and...
  13. Binsk

    GMS 2 Room Transition Effects

    If you want smooth room transition effects in your game, look no further. This extension provides you with all you need to get going quickly as well as for designing your own transitions with ease! Purchase You can purchase the extension at any one of the following sites: GameMaker...
  14. Lê Tuấn Anh

    Asset - Extension Android Socket.IO Client

    https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/8764/android-socket-io-client Native Socket.IO and Android Implemention Socket.IO in game maker studio Information: https://socket.io/blog/native-socket-io-and-android/ Server socket test: https://socket-io-chat.now.sh/ Socket funtion...
  15. Kaguva

    Job Offer - Programmer UUID for Windows and Mac

    Hi Im search who can do a extension to get UUID (universally unique identifier) from windows and Mac devices Please contact me via email: kaguva.games@gmail.com Regards
  16. Binsk

    Free Signals extension

    Howdy! Ever since I started using the Godot game engine I fell in love with the idea of signals. I implemented a version for GameMaker that I generally use in my GameMaker projects and thought I would share the code with everyone here. For those familiar with Godot, these signals work a tad...
  17. Binsk

    GMS 2 UBG Terminal / Command Console

    Hello there! How would you like a fully functional in-game terminal running in your project in the next 2 minutes? If that sounds good to you then get your hands on it at one of these places: Yoyo Marketplace [$1.99] Upset Baby Games Store [$0.99 crypto only] Itch.IO Store [$1.00] This is the...
  18. Appsurd

    Android Push notification extension requires significant update

    A few months ago, I (finally) moved to GameMaker Studio 2. Converting all apps (Android and iOS) was relatively easy, so that's great! Many minor things have changed in GMS2, including push notifications: previously, the GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) was used, and now FCM (Firebase Cloud...
  19. E

    Android Alternative to Real Time Multiplayer

    Hello, Google Play Services Real Time multiplayer is going away on march 31, 2020. I'm looking for extensions that works with UDP and allows Peer to Peer. Firebase Realtime Database is not an option because it's not as fast since it uses Websocket. Google Cloud Openmatch is another option, but...
  20. Sammi3

    Using a GameMaker Texture in a DirectX11 dll

    I have a dll that uses directx11 and I wanted to get a texture (sprite_get_texture, surface_get_texture, ...) as an ID3D11ShaderResourceView so that it can be manipulated on the dll side. Is this possible? I thought those functions gave us pointers to a directx resource or are they a local...