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  1. Hieran_Del8

    GMS 2.3+ [Solved] Can extensions written in GML return GML struct's?

    Let's say I have a struct defined in GML as: function special_compiler(expression) constructor { compilerError = undefined; ... static run = function(params) {...} static compile = function(expression) {...} if (!is_undefined(expression) && expression != "")...
  2. xDGameStudios

    Question - IDE Extensions argument types

    Right now when building my own extension in the IDE I can only add arguments of type string and double. Is there a way to set an argument as an array? for example imagine I have an function: array_to_list(array, [output]) this function is supposed to receive an array as input and an optional...
  3. T

    GMS 2 Can someone walk me through making an extension for GMS2 ?

    I'd like to make a few extensions, mostly for myself to keep my projects more organized/make it easier to import the scripts that I reuse all the time. With some cleanup some of them would even be worth and useful enough to make public. However every time I start reading about it I get lost in...
  4. R

    Question - General About inputdog.

    Hello Every body, I liked the Input-Dog project for GMS 1.4, and I kindly ask you a couple of questions: 1. How can I add new buttons? 2. How change can I change input code, without showing error? I appreciate your time. I'll look forward for your answer.
  5. RyanC

    Android Adding Scripts to an Extension in Game Maker

    Hey Guys, Does anyone know how to add scripts to an extension for new functionality. I'm trying to update the Flurry extension to be fully GDPR complaint, as the YoYo Games Flurry ext has not been updated to support GDPR yet. The script that allows users to exercise their rights and view data...
  6. C

    Extensions: can i create Action buttons?

    can create Actions buttons(for Drag & Drop) with Extensions?
  7. N

    Android [SOLVED]Help! There is no link to add in app products in my Google Console

    Hi guys! I've been on this for months! In the in app products section of my Google Console, there is no link to add in app products. Right now, the IAP async response is " The item you requested for is not available for purchase" I have Google Play Services, Google IAP and Google Licensing...
  8. 2drealms

    Asset - Extension DeltaTimer - Frame-Based Timing for GMS

    Marketplace Extension that will allow you to use frame-based timing in GameMaker Studio. These routines can setup timing inside an existing object. You simply do: Add r2d_dtCreate in the Create event Add r2d_dtBeginStep in the Begin Step event Call the r2d_dtXXX functions to update your...
  9. B

    GML extensions suck ((

    Hello! In my everyday work I encounter the same few issues with native gml extensions which I use across over 20 projects. First butthurt appears when it comes to finding something across my project. Search function doesnt searches in gml extensions. This option looks obvious but its still not...