1. D

    Steam Adding Steam module to my existing Master Collection?

    Greets. I have had the complete (non-steam version) Master Collection license (all modules) since it launched, but I am lacking the Steam build output option. Can someone please guide me as to how I can add the STEAM build option to my exisiting GM output options? I already have a steam...
  2. R

    HTML5 Need help with exporting HTML5 game...

    Hi all, So yeah, basically I want to upload a HTML5 game on Newgrouds, I know how that works, but I have a small problem... When I create an application for my game, instead of giving me an index.html, an HTML file, it gives me that(of course, because I don't have that, I can't upload my game...
  3. W

    Export IOS

    How do I export my game to IOS what is Mac Host Name? Mac User Name? Mac Password?
  4. ZeDuval

    UWP This goddamn export - Help needed!

    Anyone able to get the UWP export to work and offer some help? I can truly say that I did and tried everything in the last few days, including but not limited to: - Windows reinstall - Windows update to annivesary edition - Countless dates with the visual studio installer - Compiling blank C++...
  5. J. Heyne

    JavaScript exported with HTML5 Game

    Hi all, Forgive me if this post is in the wrong section. I was wondering if anyone has been able to take the exported .js file from an html5 game in game maker and edit things like the main function, etc.... I took the code and ran it though a code beautifier, but really could make a lot of...
  6. S

    Legacy GM Can you export to Lunix, in order to publish and play a game on a Raspberry Pi?

    I'm working on a Raspberry Pi computer for Robotics, that runs of Raspbian, NOOBS, and Retro Pie. Is there a way I could make a game that runs on the Raspberry Pi? I've seen that it's possible.
  7. K

    Linux Error message when exporting for Ubuntu

    I have tried running my game from my Windows machine to my Ubuntu machine using the green play button, which works perfectly, but when i try to create the application i get an error in the compiler: Does anyone know why and what i could try to resolve this issue?
  8. Ayziak

    iOS Question: Best way to test a game on an iOS device?

    I have my game (on PC), the export modules, a mac, and a jailbroken iOS device. What is the most efficient way to get the game onto my device for testing purposes? (Or even just any way to get a .ipa which I could install through Xcode or iFunbox/etc.)
  9. S

    Legacy GM 3DS export?

    Hey, while wirting some code, I noticed that os_3ds was highlighted, though, I couldn't find it in the manual. Does anyone know what it is or will be used for? Thanks!