1. AcrobatEpee

    Job Offer - General [PAID] Looking for someone with experience in iOS export

    Hey ! I am looking for someone who knows how to export to iOS and who already did the procedure. I will pay him to teach me while I’m doing it. We’ll be on discord and we’ll be doing everything step by step. Thanks :) Just DM me or discord AcrobatEpee#3854 (I have the mac and the Apple...
  2. L

    How do you export generated sprites?

    I was planning to buy these 2 assets from the store. https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5359/random-space-ship-generator https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/3805/random-sprite-generator But they didn't say how I could export the sprite sheets it generates. Does anyone know how to do...
  3. C

    iOS Was it exported correctly?

    Hello, I've been working on my game, "In the Mind" for a while now and it's only been for windows. But I tried to export it to iOS but I'm not sure if I did right. Here are some screenshots. Location - Appdata - Local - GameMakerStudio2 - GMS2TEMP - In_the_Mind_47375FF7_VM - In the Mind - assets...
  4. S

    iOS [SOLVED] HTTP Request Issues on iOS but not Android

    Anyone have an idea why HTTP requests are no longer working on iOS? I've got a highscore leaderboard system setup, which works fine on Android and used to work on iOS, but no longer does on iOS. I'm thinking it's most likely a setting that needs to be activated or a permission on Apple's end...
  5. Christian Price

    Export Game Maker model as .obj

    I was wondering if there was a way to export a game maker model file as an .obj file. I'm trying to use the SMF Model Tool to animate some models I made in Model Creator, but model creator can't export .obj files. I made all my models through this program and I'd lose hours of work if I had to...
  6. I

    HTML5 HTML5 export moves my collision masks

    So, when I tried to export my game in HTML ( that I made for Windows - .exe ), all of my menu bboxes in menu were moved few (about 30) pixels down and when I moved to another room with buttons, there were no bboxes at all, so I couldnt press anything and the game was unplayable. First I had a...
  7. clee2005

    Question - IDE PreBuild script

    Hey does anyone have any ideas around running a pre-build .bat or script file before doing an export? Ideally, it would tied into the build process and not an external .bat file that has to be executed before running the build command in GMS2. I was thinking something like having a named...
  8. H

    iOS Invalid bitcode signature

    Does anyone know what that means? When trying to export the app, after pressing product -> Archive in xcode. Says: Invalid bitcode signature linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) it works when debugging but not when Archiveing. Thanks!
  9. Furkan Karabudak

    Question - IDE [SELF-SOLVED] GameMaker doesn't build any project ?

    I can't test or export my projects. For example, I click the run button, then GMS2 says "Building". But there is no any change in output window. I'm waiting about 30 minutes but there is no any change. Just says "Building". I have tried building a lot of projects for 14 days but it didn't work...
  10. T

    Question - IDE No option to export as installer or executable

    I have a project that was originally made in studio 1.4 and seemingly successfully transferred to studio 2. Only problem is I've seemingly lost the option to build it as anything other than a zip directory. I've checked the windows preferences and tried setting "Default Packaging Type" to "Show...
  11. L

    Importing a room

    Ahoi comrades. A friend of Mine started to help me with my project by filling a room. Now we have the problem, that i cant import his exported files... When He is exporting the room, we Just get some .yy Files.... How can we get the .gmx Files that ive read that we News at the Website?
  12. D

    Export error!

    Please help. I cant export my game to Windows (zip). It show me this notification:
  13. mMcFab

    Asset - Graphics [3D] MMK - Blender->GameMaker, fully animated 3D models, scenes and more

    Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/7014/beta-mmk-animated-blender2gm Price: $179.99 introductory price which will increase to $299.99 later (Price may increase as updates come out) Available on itch.io, with an extra demo and alternate price! Basic Setup and Usage (Video)...
  14. Shadowblitz16

    Discussion Question for mike about raspberry pi

    @Mike are you willing to export more games to raspberry pi? I am interested in making a couple smaller games for me and my brother to play together on retropie
  15. A

    Can we change the game's name or the game icon during certain events.

    while making the game, is it possible to change the icon in the middle of the game.for eg. a game has a certain image for an icon when it is exported, but in the middle of its playthrough, the icon changes to another image (predetermined by the code). Also.....is the same possible with the...
  16. A

    Legacy GM Gamemaker Exports all texture groups regardless of config

    So I have a project with 5 configurations, different configurations use different assets but it's the same code base. I have two texture groups defined - 'default' and 'active'. In each configuration I have the 'default' texture group turned off for all platforms, and the 'active' texture group...
  17. D

    Export my game on HTML5

    Hello, I only bought the slence html and I can not export my game in html, I looked several tutorial and when I go to file there is not create the application ".. is this normal? thanks, Dimitri
  18. B

    Windows I can't Export my Game

    Hello, I try to solve the problem the whole night. But I just can not get it, maybe you can help me. Here's the Output Console: Saving project to: C:\Users\Ben\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\FarmingRPG\FarmingRPG.yyp "cmd" /c subst Z: "D:\Windows\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE" elapsed...
  19. SpartanSteve

    Export to iOS Linker Errors

    Hello all - recently got back into making apps via Gamemaker so I dusted off some of my older hardware and am running into some errors with my iOS export. I am able to connect to my Mac just fine, and it starts to compile, but always throws an error while Xcode says the project is "linking". I...
  20. I

    Windows GMS2 crashes, fails, or doesn't work when exporting.

    I've tried changing the runtime feeds, tried reinstalling, tried changing from Zip and .exe, but ti either doesn't work, or stops responding. Can someone help me through fixing this? Thanks. (Bottom of Output log while tying to export)...