1. S

    iOS Is the iOS Export Working for Anyone else?

    Whenever I try to export to my Mac, I'm getting the error: Renci.SshNet.Common.ScpException: scp: error: unexpected filename: at Renci.SshNet.ScpClient.CheckReturnCode(Stream input) at Renci.SshNet.ScpClient.Upload(DirectoryInfo directoryInfo, String path) at ..(String , String ...
  2. S

    iOS Problem with iOS Export

    Hey everyone! I've exported to iOS successfully many times before, but today I've just started to get this problem. When exporting to iOS I get the error: Renci.SshNet.Common.ScpException: scp: error: unexpected filename: at Renci.SshNet.ScpClient.CheckReturnCode(Stream input) at...
  3. puckilie

    Question - IDE Can't export to zip and / or installer

    hi, i tried jumping back into GMS2 today. I installed GMS2, got the basic settings in and installed git for source control. i made a super basic circle as a player and everything worked out while testing. Then i wanted to try and export the game (just to see if it works) and from there on it...
  4. Tatum_vt

    Mac OSX can't create executable

    Hi, I'm new to working with Gamemaker, and I get this error when I try to build my game: Error : Could not find matching certificate for Developer ID Application:, please check your 'Signing Identifier' in your macOS Options I really don't know how to fix this, can anyone please help?
  5. sercan

    Android Can't export android.

    Hi, Here is my setups. What am i missing? and here is output: Task :com.company.box:processDebugManifest W:\com.company.box\src\main\AndroidManifest.xml:27:3-86:17 Warning: application@android:label was tagged at AndroidManifest.xml:27 to replace other declarations but no other...
  6. tonyfinale

    "http_post_string" not working when running HTML?

    In GMS2 I am trying to use the code "http_post_string" to upload high score data onto GMScoreboard.com, and though the code work fine and succeeds when I run the game as a Windows export, when I try to test the game in HTML I get no such results. It isn't even an error that appears; nothing...
  7. M

    Where can I download some exported GM HTML5 games?

    Hi, I'm working on a website where people can upload games. I auto-detect some things in the game's source (like dimensions, title, etc). I have this working for Unity builds, but I also want to support GameMaker. I currently don't have a GM license, so I don't think I can export builds...
  8. D

    Exporting GM in GM 2?

    If you get GM2 is it possible to open and export your old projects in the new GM2 so I don't have to rebuild games from scratch? I was going to export some games in Gamemaker but now Google Play store needs a 64bit version which Gamemaker doesn't do. Thanks
  9. DarthTenebris

    Linux Export to AppImage Option

    Hello everybody, I recently started to tinker around with the Ubuntu export option, and noticed it only exports .zip files. Is there any way I can convert it into a single .AppImage package, similar to the single executable .exe export option from GMS1.4? Thank you for your time.
  10. L

    UWP Can UWP export run on Win 10 ARM on Raspberry Pi ?

    Since Win 1o ARM Rpi offers native support on ARM32 and ARM64 and emulation for x86, goes UMP export run properly on RPi ? Just asking before I spend money on UWP export. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Rozen Software

    UWP (Solved) Could not connect to Device Portal (UWP exporting)

    Working on versions: IDE:, Runtime: Since the current version I could not export to UWP target anymore. In the log I have the following informations: I suppose my Device Portal is set up correctly. I can login to it via browser and it was working previously on version...
  12. V

    Question - IDE Exporting "Project use time"

    Hi, does anyone know where "project use time" is stored ? I just wanted to make an external program that would show my project use time on Discord but I can't find where it is stored. I was looking in GMS2 root folder, AppData and MyDocuments but found nothing. Additionaly i copied my project...
  13. F

    Design Creating an executable from within a gamemaker game/project

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here, so I'm not entirely sure if this is the ideal place to pose this query (I was tossing up between posting this query here or on the programming forum), however I was wondering if it was possible to create a gamemaker game/project that had the ability to create a .exe...
  14. SIG.

    iOS iOS export uses deprecated UIWebView API, triggering a warning from Apple

    I submitted my game for beta review and received an email from Apple stating that my app had an "issue": The linked page explains that UIWebView is "a view that embeds web content in your app." My app is straightforwardly just a game without any integrations from the web or otherwise. The...
  15. S

    Windows Windows platform/target missing

    Hi all, I've been working in GMS2 now for about a year and finally getting to the point where I want to export my game and give it to some people for testing and I'm desperately trying to figure out how to export it. Either an executable or an installer. I have the "Console" license and I...
  16. zendraw

    Android Exporting 64bit version for google

    do i need to do anything specific when exporting a game to be 64bit for google play? im using game maker 2
  17. NeZvers

    Legacy GM How useful is GM:S 1.4 ?

    I have licenses for desktops, html5, Android, iOS. Can I still publish to them? I've upgraded to GM:S 2 but that doesn't carry over licenses and got me down. I now feel more confident about developing and have solid ideas for real publishable games and that's where I start to worry about 1.4...
  18. G

    How do i send people my game!?

    So, last time i was on this forum (and GameMaker itself for that matter...) I was using the trial version. Recently, in fact only a couple days ago, a got the $99 permanent license to Game Maker that says it allows me to publish my games to basically any PC system. However, i still can't seem to...
  19. KironDevCoder

    Is there a way to export to Xbox One without UWP module

    As far as I know, the Xbox One export module costs 800 dollars. Which is quite expensive, too expensive for me. I also already had to pay for Microsoft Dev Account. So isn't there another way to export to Xbox One?
  20. T

    Windows My project doesn't want to export!

    Hello, So 15min ago (05/06/2019 20:52 pm SET) I tried to export my project. This wasn't possible. it kept throwing this at me when I tried. Igor complete. PlatformOptions System.NotSupportedException: De opgegeven padindeling wordt niet ondersteund. (this means: the path isn't supported)...