1. H

    Advice, Tips, Experience stories, Warnings, etc. for releasing a Demo and Game

    Advice, Tips, Experience stories, Warnings, etc. for releasing a Demo and Game on: Steam Itch.io Gamejolt And other sites Examples: What is a good time to release a game or demo, financial advice for people starting out, what to take note of when you release your game, and anything else that...
  2. GmlProgrammer

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced Programmer for Hire or Team-up

    Greetings to the Game Maker Community, Let me start with a bit of information about myself, My name is Loukas and I'm located in Athens, Greece. I'm an under-graduate Computer Engineer in the best department of my country. I've been programming since the age of 10 and have plenty of experience...
  3. C

    Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] Yogscast - The Videogame (Big budget, looking for skilled developer)

    Hi there, I'm Charlie McShane. I've had previous work as an illustrator and developer for companies such as Tapulous, The Yogscast, SEGA and Sony. I've worked on a range of smaller iOS games (Tap Tap Revenge) to large AAA games (Sonic All Star Racing Transformed). I've currently got a budget...
  4. O

    Infinite exp. + Level Generation

    I think there's a lot of potential for a game to be fun and well received if this concept is fully explored. While it's not a brand new idea, anytime you find this in a game either the random generation still feels like static level design or the experience system is too broad. That or there's...
  5. J

    Portfolio - Audio Juan Iyenaele - Experienced Soundtrack Composer

    Hey there! My name is Juan I. Goncebat, and I'm an experienced videogame soundtrack composer. :) I'm skilled in multiple genres, including (but not limited to) orchestral music, piano music, acoustic music, 8-bit music, electronic music, ethnic music, among many other genres. I offer full-time...