1. T

    android executable requirements

    Hello, I am using game maker studio 2, IDE v2.3.0.529 and runtime v2.3.0.401 . Can anyone help me what version of SDK, NDK and JDK I should be using? Also this is the error I am receiving : Any help is so appreciated.
  2. 3

    SOLVED Creating Executable for Ubuntu on Windows

    I have a windows pc and I want to create an executable for ubuntu so that I can run it on a VM on which I have Ubuntu 18. I have read this guide: https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024186531-Ubuntu-Compiling-Your-App So it tells me to select the device in the target manager(why...
  3. R

    Mac OSX Notarized MacOS app "unable to find game"

    I did the whole process of codesigning and notarizing a game .app for MacOS so I can distribute it outside the App Store. I've signed, notarized, and exported the game on my computer. I confirmed that opening the original exported .app file works just fine, the game runs. However if the app is...
  4. DarthTenebris

    Linux Export to AppImage Option

    Hello everybody, I recently started to tinker around with the Ubuntu export option, and noticed it only exports .zip files. Is there any way I can convert it into a single .AppImage package, similar to the single executable .exe export option from GMS1.4? Thank you for your time.
  5. S

    Windows Windows platform/target missing

    Hi all, I've been working in GMS2 now for about a year and finally getting to the point where I want to export my game and give it to some people for testing and I'm desperately trying to figure out how to export it. Either an executable or an installer. I have the "Console" license and I...
  6. R

    Windows Turn off "Remember this decision" for building executables.

    How the hell do i turn that off, i cant find the setting anywhere! and i cant build installers!
  7. R

    Windows Can't create the executable for my game

    When I try to create the executable of my game, the following error appears: I have the platform configurated for windows: I have my .bat file with the right path: Here it is: What could be wrong?? I have done everything I know to try and fix this but to no avail.
  8. E

    Mac version

    Finished a game and would like to have a mac version of it, but I only have a PC and no machine to create a mac executable with. Does anybody here use GM2 on mac? If I sent the project, would it be as easy as hitting the build button and then sending the executable back to me?
  9. C

    Question - IDE File size of executable installer(SOLVED)

    Hi all, from the Netherlands, in the Eindhoven area. I am very new to GMS 2 (paid Windows version, downloaded to my laptop, not the Steam version, I like it a lot) and I managed to build my first project prototype. But I encountered a problem now. This is my very first post. My project files on...
  10. H

    Question - IDE Create an executable with free version?

    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to create an .exe file of his game for a target Windows 10? In the "Build" menu, the "Create Executable" button is gray and I can not click on it. I have the latest version of Game Maker Studio 2. Thanks.
  11. S

    Mac OSX Cannot create executable

    Hello. I've followed every guide I can find and am at my wits' end, so I hope someone here can help me, haha. I'm new to GameMaker. I am trying to create an executable file of a game I made in GameMaker 2 on my Mac (Mojave 10.14). The game builds and runs fine in the normal preview. I have not...
  12. M

    Discussion [Resolved] Included Files Protection

    Hello, In my projects, I use two files of the type "json" which serve me, for one to store interface texts in different languages, for the other dialogues in different languages too. Until then nothing is very hard and everything works perfectly. My question is about his two files which are...
  13. M

    Question about old executables

    Hey, so first of all please tell me wheres the right place for this kinda thread. My issue is that as with old GM7 and 8 games (at least) where the Lite version could only play 3 sounds simultaneously for some reason and crash if there played more, the same goes for old executables of Lite...
  14. ChrisD

    Windows [SOLVED] Created executable does not open if Steam is enabled

    Hi there, I am new to this forum. I have searched through many pages on here, but cannot find an answer. When I choose to 'Create Executable', the EXE runs fine. But, if I have enabled Steam and 'Create Executable', the EXE does nothing. It briefly appears in Task Manager, then it's gone. Any...
  15. Pfap

    Android APK saved under windows notepad icon

    I was creating an executable to upload to Google and the output box in GMs2 IDE v2.1.3.273 Runtime v2.1.1.189 was always displaying this: - waiting for device - - waiting for device - - waiting for device - - waiting for device - - waiting for device - - waiting for device - - waiting for...
  16. Ferrettomato

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Standalone executables sometimes have NSI installer icon instead of custom game icon?

    I've been building my game as a single runtime executable a lot recently, and I've found that every time I create an exe it has a chance of having the Windows NSI installer icon as its file icon instead of the custom icon file I specified in-editor. This doesn't always happen, and changing the...
  17. G

    Windows [SOLVED] Failed: Package Program Complete

    This is for GMS2 version on Windows 10 The game compiles and I can run and test it just fine, no errors come up when I compile errors. I cannot run executable and I've tried everything: - tried to uninstall and reinstall the game - Only letters and underscores in windows preferences...
  18. M

    Mac OSX FAILED: Package Program Complete II WHY?!

    Ok. It can be some small change, but it frustrates me so much. I can't create executable. Any advice?
  19. L

    Windows Can't Change Icon w/o Ruining Game

    Whenever I change the icon for my game it makes it so that i get "FAILED: package program complete" when I attempt to turn it into an executable.
  20. 1

    Mac OSX I need help with my Mac license

    I’ll just start off by saying that I have a windows computer... don’t know if that changes anything. I just bought the MacOS creator license. I want to know how to use it so I can create the executable. It won’t show up under the “test” on that one panel in the top right corner. I have tried...