1. Duckbob

    GMS 2.3+ Unhandled Memory Leaking? (.exe compiled program)

    I found that the game compiled in version has unhandled memory leak in the Windows task manager. In it was normal. In versions or lower, it works without any problem. It's just a problem with version compiled programs. ( I've tried more than three times...
  2. zendraw

    Windows Exporting from exe

    can i somehow export the files from the exe? i have old games that i dont have the project file of but need the files like code and art and such. or better yet import the exe as you wuld import a project file?
  3. A

    Windows Gamemaker Studio EXE file signtool

    I'm not sure if anyone has history of signing a Gamemaker Studio 2 Game with signtool. But I've seem to run into this error when attempting to sign a built exe. SignTool Error: SignedCode::Sign returned error: 0x800700C1 %1 is not a valid Win32 application. SignTool Error: An error...
  4. bshadow8

    Windows Executable Not Running

    So I've been making numerous builds to my game project, and one day Game Maker Studio 2 updates and now the executable in the zip file doesn't run anymore...not sure if it's anything I did or changed but certainly why would it impair it from even running. What can be done?
  5. Edwin

    How to merge an extension DLL file with executable file?

    Hey people. How to merge C++ dll file with your game's exe file? Is that possible?
  6. Z

    How does GM compile and create a .exe out of a project?

    Hi everyone, I'm asking this because well, I'm kind of amazed. I've been making graphics for 3500+ hours now (actually longer, but this is just for 1 2D top down RPG style, basically as much as I could think of) and for the past week I've been importing and importing, and then even more...
  7. E

    Hi, I have a question on GMS2

    I can not make a .exe file. And the icon does not work. The combination CTRL + F8 does not work.
  8. B

    Mac OSX Export .exe on mac?

    I've noticed in the mac os x beta, you can only export to mac and linux. I have tried to export using a vm, and another computer, which takes a lot of work just for a windows build. Is there any way to do this without virtual machines, or a separate computer?
  9. ConstaChymic

    GMS 2 Compile as standalone exe in Studio 2?

    Hi! I'm trying to compile my game as a standalone exe file in Gamemaker Studio 2, however due to the relative newness of the engine I can't find anything on doing this. Is this possible in studio 2? Because I'm using some extensions and included files and it's really important to me that I can...
  10. J

    Windows Exporting as .exe with gamemaker 2?

    is there a way to export a file as a .exe? i know i can export it as a .yyz file, but my friends dont have gamemaker 2, and I want them to try out my new game, preferably as a .exe file. any help here? (or can they play a .yyz file anyway without gamemaker? i haven't tried it yet)
  11. M

    Question - IDE Create Executable function?

    I cant click on "Create Executable" in Game Maker 2 (v2.0.2.44) to make my game to an .exe. I use the trial version. Is this the problem? (Sorry for my bad english)
  12. D

    Windows Compiled exe running at low fps

    I have compiled my project into an exe and at first it runs as it should with a steady framerate of 60 fps, but after a couple days or so it caps at around 45 making my game sluggish. In Studio it always runs at 60. If I try to reinstall from the same exe and run my game again it just runs at...
  13. PieBaron

    create portable exe of your game

    Is it possible to create windows exe application of my game which is portable, ie it doesnt need to be installed to play? I'm using GMS with the modules from the recent humble bundle
  14. Samuel Venable

    Asset - Extension Execute Shell (for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu)

    This extension is for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu. Execute third-party applications from your GameMaker Studio games. Open or run any file type, whether EXE or not. Supports "wait" param. The DLL's full source code included. Very big thanks to Josh Ventura, for writing the widen() and...
  15. N

    How To Add DRM To Final Game?

    Hello GM community, I would love it if somebody could explain the process of adding DRM to the final executable of a game. For example, once downloaded, it can only be used on that device and cannot be used on another device. If it can be done using GM itself, a specific version of GM, or if you...
  16. mariospants

    Windows SmartScreen on startup: how to avoid this

    Sorry if this has been resolved before, but the new Forum Search doesn't come up with anything to do with SmartScreen. When running a GameMaker game for the first time on Windows 10, invariably you encounter the Windows SmartScreen error: Which sucks. For us neophytes, how do we register...