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  1. FatalSleep

    Quick Ray-Traced (QRT) Lighting Tutorial

    GM Version: GM:S 2 ( IDE, RunTime). Target Platform: Any (As long as they support GLSL ES Shaders). Difficulty: Hard Download Example: Google Drive Summary: This tutorial will cover the difficulties of lighting and my specific solution using my unique GPU based 2D...
  2. DarklinkFighter

    GML Parenting vs Composition... (When to use what - Examples)

    Hi, as a C++ / C# / Java Programmer I struggle a bit now when I want to refactor some stuff from my first Test Project with GMS2... I tend to break my head when it's better to use composition and when it's better to use parenting in Game Maker... In other languages I can just implement...
  3. T

    Where do examples go (if anywhere)?

    I recently came across this thread in which a user was looking for a multiplayer platformer example. I referred them to the project files that went along with my GM:S networking tutorial on YouTube. The tutorials are embarrassing and just plain bad (changing stuff in between tutorials, etc), but...
  4. Jezla

    Design Level awards for Lunar Lander type game

    Okay, it's time to seek out advice/opinions. I'm making a Lunar Lander type game and I'm including awards for meeting certain objectives on each level. So far I have: Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals: awarded for meeting certain score thresholds Precision medal: awarded for a precision...