1. Juju

    Free Image Manipulaton With Textured Circles

    Source: https://github.com/JujuAdams/rotary-slices Quick example that shows off how to make textured circles, as well as a "ping pong" method to use two surfaces to stack effects on top of each other.
  2. R

     I do not know if it's worth continuing this game, Need advice.

    HIi everyone. i started making this game a year ago just for fun, the idea was to make a platform game that requires thinking to pass the levels, like a puzzle game. I am at a point where I find it a bit boring to keep making it, I need sincere opinions, if someone seems a good idea or can...
  3. Nixxi

    GMS 2 [Resolved] Simple question regarding normalizing input after setting gamepad deadzone

    Can someone point me to a simple example of how to normalize the analog input from a gamepad thumbstick after setting the controller's deadzone? Google is being super unhelpful. :-/ Here's what I'm working with: /// Create Event gamepad_set_axis_deadzone(0,0.2); /// Step Event var hlaxis =...
  4. K

    someone have God Rays Shader [Example]?

    xygthop3:http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=591898 all download link is broken please!! someone give me God Rays example (2d&3d) my e-mail:03497@naver.com
  5. Bukmand

    Asset - Project [FREE] Full fighting game example engine

    What's inside the demo? - AI fighter enemy. - Solid gameplay mechanics. - Abilities based array. - Android touch virtual keys, Jump, move, attacking. - Admob ads. - Smooth transitions. - Reward system. - A solid collision and attacking system. - Achievements that triggers when you finish the...
  6. MMM

    Asset - Demo Android scrolling page example

    Hi! I recently made android scrolling page example and uploaded it on a marketplace. This GMS1, GMS2 includes horizontal and vertical page scrolling with the mouse. The best uses for this system are interactive books and scrolling menus for Android games. :) Link for the Android scrolling...
  7. L

    Asset - Extension Lerner INI

    An easier, safer data handling. Lerner INI lets you load and save your game data in only one line. No more file open / close handling! Thanks to the automatic data encryptation, remain master of the in app purchases (IAP), the character progression, etc. Cheating becomes way harder! This...
  8. yvodlyn

    Game engine

    Hello, Is someone know where can I find a 2d fighting engine for GM:S??? Thanks!!!
  9. B

     GameMaker Export To .OBJ

    Today I want to show you how powerful game maker can really be. In just one day with nothing more than an article describing how .obj files work I was about to produce a modeling program that can export to obj using cubes. I wanted to get feedback and see what people think. In game maker...
  10. Zerb Games

    (opensource) Zerb Games Level Edit!

    Zerb Games Level Edit! Hey guys, I know the title says opensource, but it's not yet because I need your guys input still. Basically I am making a level editor, and I want to make it the best, and easiest tool to use. My ultimate goal is to release it on my website for free, and the marketplace...
  11. phillipPbor

    klonoa directional view

    everyone don't know about klonoa. Klonoa is described within the games and manga as a "Dream Traveler", who is fated to travel to various places where the state of dreams is in danger, but he himself isn't aware of that. His traditional voice actor is Kumiko Watanabe, though he is voiced by Eric...
  12. K

    Legacy GM Radio Style Volume Option Example

    GM Version: GM Studio Target Platform: ALL Download: here Links: N/A Summary: This is an example of Radio Volume Option. It uses to drag their points back and fourth to change to volume's capacity. Tutorial: It has 4 scripts: 1 for the radio object and the other 3 for the point drag object...
  13. T

    Looking for a multiplayer platformer example project

    I'm going to make a lan platformer and i want an example project that i can base the networking code on I've already had a look but cant seem to find anything. I am experienced with GML and i don't mind how complex or messy the code is
  14. S

    Doom-like shooter examples?

    What happened to all these? It's been a long time since I've used GameMaker and I've forgotten how to make a basic fps game. There used to be a first person shooter tutorial included with every version of GameMaker, not to mention tons of shooter examples that could be downloaded and modified...
  15. David Richard

    Asset - Demo Pause Example + Screen Capture script

    One of the best pause examples on the marketplace. A very simple and FREE asset permitting you to pause your game, deactivating all instances AND to take a screenshot of the entire screen presently shown. This example easily integrates into your games with little or no change at all. 1 script...
  16. B

    3-D Third Person Camera Tutorial

    3-d-third-person-camera-tutorial GM Version: Studio Target Platform: Windows Download Editable Example:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2TkWVm2bJT0ZE9Zd1hTU2NuQ2M Controls :" WASD - to move camera, Q and E to roll camera" Links: http://planning.cs.uiuc.edu/node102.html...