1. T

    How to make changes on an object when another object is clicked on?

    hi In game maker studio 1, I want to make some changes on object A when the user clicks on object B. but I don't know how to define the events on these two objects. any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. luvsuper

    GMS 2.3+ GM bug. Sprite's Broadcast Message does not work!

    After today's update Broadcast Message event suddenly stopped working. My games mechanics became broken D: A Broadcast Message which sprite raised up didn't caught by object's event Broadcast Message. What can I do? UPD.: Debugging showed me problem. When sprite is animating with image_speed...
  3. S

    GMS 2 Function in diffrent object event

    Is it possible for example to call a function in a step event, that is inside the draw event of that object? Like : Step event : DrawShadow() Draw event : function DrawShadow() { ...... }
  4. fizzog

    Mac OSX Hand Drawn Sprite events ignored

    Hello All, I noticed this issue with hand drawn sprites using GMS2 that events are ignored. What am I missing? If I import an image to use as a sprite, I can see all events received as expected. GMS2 > IDE: v2.3.0.529 Runtime v2.3.0.401 -------------------------- Model Name: MacBook...
  5. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ Events

    So, I haven't got any issues as such. And yes I have read the manual. I still don't fully understand 'events' beyond the execution order and types of functions that can be run within them. I use: # Create for initializing variables # Step for logic code # Draw for drawing (Because it won't run...
  6. 2

    Leaving Persistent Room: Do Destroy and Room End Events Trigger?

    When the player leaves a persistent room for another (pause menu in my case) does the room end event trigger, or the instance destroy event trigger? These events currently destroy ds_grids in some of my objects, and that would break the room if I return to it (by unpausing)?
  7. I

    Legacy GM How to make changes in another room

    Hello, everyone. I'm trying to change things by changing between rooms. Basically, I have my "obj_door" that simply does "room_goto()", but I need this to move objects or trigger events. What I have thought is to add "with (obj_player)" after changing the room, but I realised that it doesn't...
  8. Cupid Stunt

    GML [SOLVED] The same code in a different place behaves differently

    I have a small bit of code: if(!global.round_running) { global.round_running = true; global.board = ds_list_create(); for(x_index = 0; x_index < size_x; x_index += 1) { column = ds_list_create() for(y_index = 0; y_index < size_y; y_index += 1) { y_pos =...
  9. M

    GamePad "Key Down" and "Key Up"

    Is there a way where I can use a gamedpad to know when a key is pressed and released? Like how there are the "Key Down" and "Key Up" events.
  10. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] GML Alarm events (I think)

    So I'm VERY new to GM and coding in general (unless you count a strange enjoyment in making excel spreadsheets ;)) I downloaded the trial to play with the DnD but quickly figured out that it was going to be less complicated in the long run to learn the code. Forgive me if I give a little too...
  11. P

    GMS 2 Phantom Step Event or Script Trigger - help! [SOLVED]

    Hello! It's pleasure to be a part of the GMC. I'm new to GMS2 but am familiar with game design and programming in general. I'm running into a strange problem I was hoping to get some help on from some of the GMS vets out there. TL;DR Basically the issue is there is a specific script that is...
  12. B

    In what order are the events(draw,step,etc) called?

    I want to run a script before the draw event is called and another one after the draw event. Where should i put these scripts? It would be very helpful if someone could give me the order of all the events.
  13. M

    How to make objects wait in line and perform events only after the one before?

    So basically, my strategy game has quite a bunch of announcements appearing to the player in the middle of gameplay, be it 'you captured this city' or 'this guy has died here or there'. They don't pause the game, just read on the screen awhile before disappearing. But if there happens to be a...
  14. Shadowblitz16

     allow user events to be called on deactivated instances?

    can yoyogames allow user events to be called on deactivated instances? this would be a great way to disable the runner from automatically running events as well as the debugger tracking the object without variable id but still allow code to be executed in them if you have access to their id...
  15. A

    Windows turning off events

    this question is silly, is there any way to turn off an event without having to delete it or comment the code in it?
  16. Kaliam

     Thoughts on new variable definitions, Object linked Scripts?

    Just a friendly suggestion, I was thinking about how events/scripts work in gamemaker, and I thought, what if we could make "Scripts" act like different object events, but also make object events act like scripts. For example, when creating a "draw event" for an object, rather than creating...
  17. T

    GMS 2 Just curious.. why no Tab key event?

    As the title says, this is not a question, just a curiosity. I know that I can use keyboard_check_pressed (vk_tab) to accomplish something on a tab key press. But I'm just wondering about the lack of an event for the tab key, since it seems that almost every other key (modifier keys, home, end...
  18. M

    GMS 2 Avoid duplicated events (SOLVED)

    Hello, I like to know the best way to avoid duplication. Here is a simple example: * game for 4 player * each player has 1 headquarter Here are some options but I hope there are better options I do not know until now: object for each player (+) organization of a room is easy (-) events...
  19. G

    GMS 2 How to react on an OS specific event?

    Are there functions in GMS2 to react on OS specific events? For example: how can I react in GMS2 on an Android onLongClick Event? Or can this only be done with extensions and how would it work?
  20. xDGameStudios

     instance_disable_update [SUGGESTION]

    SUGESTION:: what I mean by this is to have a way to disable the "hidden" update logic, without... disabling the event triggering... the only way I know how to disable HIDDEN update is by deactivating instances (instance_deactivate) but this disables everything events included. I just wanted to...