1. EvanSki

    Evan's Project AutoBackup For those who don't use source control

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this topic but, Moved to the correct spot, Thanks Chance! I made a tool for window users to automatically backup there project directory in case of any accident resulting in data loss. This only works on windows as it is a batch file command. HOW IT...
  2. EvanSki

    How to report forum software issues the PROPER way!

    Due to the request of a honorable forum moderator, and from certain users miss using the status update. Thanks to the success of my last guide [How to PM a user the PROPER way!] -Today I will show you how to report forum software issues, as It would seem a few people have this issue (ie...
  3. EvanSki

     Evan's Debug Console

    This is the first of my on going goal of building tools for quick game creation. The tools would be used to iron out the kinks or just provide abilities to my games, be them full projects or quick game jams. This first tool will be my main focus and will constantly be tweaked and edited to suit...
  4. EvanSki

    How to PM a user the PROPER way!

    This is posted in fun, but Yes we need a real guide on this. > Today I will show you how to private Message (PM) another user, as It would seem a lot of people have this issue (ie: posting on profiles as a public status update instead of contacting the user via PM). Find a user you wish to...
  5. EvanSki

    Using Mp_grids - [closed by author]

    GM Version: GMS2 V2.2.0.258+ Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A [Edit] I plan on redoing this video....eventually sometime soon Summary: This is my first tutorial. Hope it was easy to understand. It goes over how to use mp_grids Tutorial: Its kind of bad so I dont recommend...