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  1. XanthorXIII

    Discussion [SOLVED]Clicking on a Eula before the start of a project

    I don’t get why Esoteric is making this a condition for GameMaker users when others do not have to do the same? Are we just Special? I own two licenses of which I have already been granted the rights to use their runtime in the engine of my choosing. I don’t see why I need to be doubly bound and...
  2. andev

    Game EULAs

    Let's assume everyone posting here is not a lawyer. When it comes to publishing, what resources are available for providing a EULA (or other lawsuit prevention)? Do we just download a template from online and amend where necessary? Or maybe the installer comes with one that covers more than...
  3. N

    Question - D&D Can not download from Marketplace

    Hello again guys, I was now trying to download the "My First Game - D&D" from the Marketplace. When clicking on "agree EULA" nothing happens and the download won't start. How may I solve this issue? Thanks a lot!
  4. csanyk

    Question - General Creative Commons licensing?

    I just purchased a free asset on the Marketplace called Simple Bloom Shader, and was surprised when I "bought" it to see a Creative Commons EULA. I was not aware that YYG had made CC licensing an available choice to Marketplace sellers until now. I applaud the move. It appears that the old...