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    GML DoAdd :: Execution Error help

    I get this error: DoAdd :: Execution Error at gml_Object_obj_car_Step_0 (line 25) - m_px = (40075016.686 * dcos(lat_deg) / power(2, zoomlevel+8)) why? this is my code: exp_lat_rad = pi * (1 - 2 * tile_y / power(2, zoomlevel)) lat_rad = arctan(0.5*(exp(exp_lat_rad) - exp((exp_lat_rad)*-1)))...
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    GMS:2 Won't open all the way

    If I go to open GM2, it will try to do some sort of runtime installation but will say that it cannot connect to the server (error 503), and the error box will open infinitely. What should I do? I'm using the latest version and I've already uninstalled it (using the .exe) and reinstalled it using...
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    GMS 2 I have a problem. Pls can you help me.

    Hello I begun using Game maker 2 (free) today I tried out a tutorial for an ARPG. I tried to pu on some code but this appears to me. I use this code. Pls every help is thanked.
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    My game had no issues, next time I run it a random issue pops up

    I was using a marketplace extension for a top down shooter, and i added a draw event to draw your score. There was one line of code saying: 'Score: ' and one more saying 'string(global.score)' It worked fine, and a few weeks later when i ran it it said In Object oPlayer, in Event...
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    I keep on getting an error every time I launch GameMaker

    It was working fine when I first downloaded it. I tried out making the Tutorial game using the drag and drop and after I came back from Michigan, it stopped working for some reason. Now, every time I launch it says the remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.
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    Legacy GM [solved]Fatal memory error - Windows bug or GMS?

    Hi. I have been getting this message regularly despite my game running fine before. It always seems to happen when a green box pops up asking if I want to record gameplay footage. I'm not too sure if that's a Windows 10 function interfering with GMS 1.4? If so - would there be any point...
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    Won't stop animation?

    I want to make it so once the player attacks it runs through the attack animation then goes back to normal animation. I have looked for answers but found no help. The fighting animation is not a diffrent object but the player object. Here is some of the code I am having troubles with: ///Dealing...
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    Discussion Error in the script editor : sprite_collision_mask

    Hi, be carefull the manual indicates the 4 arguments for the bbox in the good order (bbleft,bbtop,bbright,bbbottom) but in the script editor these arguments are proposed in bad order (bbleft,bbright,bbtop,bbottom). Sorry if my english language is bad, I'm french :) If you find the same kind of...
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    )URGENT( It wont let me create new projects after just installing

    I have reset my computer and I installed gamemaker studio again. I retrieved my projects and was just about to open gamemaker studio but i needed to log in. So I did. It said "invalid XML in RSS file" I scrolled the web to find out information and there was nothing so I created a new email...