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    Portfolio - Audio Versatile, Orchestral Composer Open for Commissions

    Introduction: My name is Andrew, and I am a video game composer living in Canada with a passion for music of all kinds (especially orchestral), storytelling, and, of course, video games! Some of my greatest influences come from the world of classical music, especially some of the big names...
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    Demo The Chosen One (Alpha) [HOW LONG WILL YOU LAST?]

    At the moment, "The Chosen One" is nothing more than a test room game to see how long you can keep your fully customized character alive. There are 8 skills you can choose to advance, each providing its own advantage to your survival. The game is unforgiving though, If you get your character in...
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    Portfolio - Audio Media Composer for Hire

    Hey fellow media producers. My name is Peter Gunder and I'm a media composer available for work! If you're creating a high-end game needing lush flim orchestration or background music for media, I can produce multiple styles ranging from classic cinematic (Williams, Elfman, Shore), old school...
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    Free Terra Lunar - Name in Progress

    The ultimate Work In Progress platformer, watch this space! P.S - Was called SquareLand, the Terra Nova(Copyrighted:mad:) now this! P.S.S Anyone have any better names, will give credit!
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    Windows SongScape

    Movement - Mouse Space (hold) - Slow motion If you release the Space or the slow motion bar at the top gets empty, you can't use slow motion as long as it won't grow back to 100%. Notes: Green note - +1 life White note - -1 life Red note - -3 life Aqua nute - ??? The only test map available...
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    Portfolio - Audio Dark, action, military soundtracks

    Hi! I am little-known composer, but working hard. Here some of my new works that may be useful for epic, military and grim scenes. If this is interesting you please let me know. Many thanks in advance. https://www.pond5.com/stock-music/61601306/epic-action-dark-hollywood-trailer-4.html...