1. W

    Choosing a random value from an enum

    How do I do it? I'm trying to pick a random value from an enum for an object at the creation of that object. Do I have to set that enum's value in the create event (to zero) and then make it random in a step event? Or can I set that random value right away in the create event. And, what...
  2. G

    GMS 2 Question About Establishing Enums in GML Object Create Event Vs. First-room Creation Code

    [Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered. I searched and couldn't find what I was looking for.] Is it better to establish an enum in something like a rm_init (first room creation code) or is it safe to establish an enum in the create event of an object which is going to be...
  3. bbbower

    Legacy GM [Help] variable_global_get - enumerators?

    Another awkwardly complex, I know I could use ds_maps, arrays, ect.. , aka I know the other ways I just wan't to know if this is possible type question. I want to get the value of an enumerator in the same fashion as the variable_global_get gets global.var's information dynamically. Example...
  4. T

    GML Question about Enumerators

    I'm trying to use enumerators to make my arrays more readable. However I'm running into an issue of sorts; (the fix for which seems like a bunch of manual editing of enum fields, gross lol) the question is whether different enumerators of the same "slot" are different from each other. So for...
  5. A

    GML Enum help please

    Hi, Im working on the player's state machine using enumerators, switch statements, and scripts. my first enum, set in the player object's create event, works good and controls the player's movement. the second enum, which I placed in the same player object's create event, does not seem to be...
  6. P

    GML What to use instead of enum?

    I can't use enum because i am using an older version of game maker, i want something to contain 2 states so like it is suppose to be enum states{ normal, inbed } what do i type to get the same results instead of that?
  7. Cloaked Games

    Windows String Input for an Enumerator

    Hello, I am programming a survival game, and in order to more efficiently test the many different items in the game, I am working on a command system in game that will give the player every item. (Before I had just been temporarily programming keyboard buttons that gave the items I was testing.)...