1. L

    Asset - Project Ultimate RPG Engine

    After 6 years of development and two from-scratch restarts I've finally published my URPG asset - grab a copy here: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6959/ultimate-rpg-engine
  2. Bukmand

    Asset - Project [FREE] Full fighting game example engine

    What's inside the demo? - AI fighter enemy. - Solid gameplay mechanics. - Abilities based array. - Android touch virtual keys, Jump, move, attacking. - Admob ads. - Smooth transitions. - Reward system. - A solid collision and attacking system. - Achievements that triggers when you finish the...
  3. D

    GML Physics question

    So I'm trying to create something simple using the physics engine. I want any physics object (like a ball, square, triangle, players, etc) to stay on the platform and move with it when the platform itself moves vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Anytime I move the platform itself, the...
  4. M

    GMNet Engine - beginners help?

    Anyone here familiar with the GMNet Engine? It markets itself as 'Game Maker Networking made easy!' with 'no networking knowledge required', and i checked through the manual and tested the example itself, and i can see it must be pretty easy to make online games with that engine, as compared to...
  5. D

    GMS 2 [Help] Script execution sequence

    Edit : If you want to find the solution to this you need to search for "Command Stack" Thanks to Nocturne for finding that old post . Edit2 : After looking at the link that nocturne has given , I saw that the asset/script there isn't free, so If somebody had some engine similar to that Command...
  6. Nocturne

    GMS 2 Aura 2

    Buy For $7.99 here: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5229/aura-2-0-lighting-engine NOW UPDATED FOR GAMEMAKER STUDIO V2.3+!!!!! Aura2 is a GMS2 specific remake of the lightweight, easy to set up lighting engine that I created for your 2D games. It's main feature is that it's a simple to...
  7. G

    Asset - Scripts Health system with hearts!

    Marketplace link. Easily add a heart based health system to your game! Includes: - Health system with hearts. - Health system with health bar. - Health system with text. Features: - Easy to use and modify. - No thousands of scripts! Only three different scripts and objects for each...
  8. H

    Legacy GM How to fix the bugged Gamepad controls in Hello Mario Engine

    Hello! I'm currently making a small Mario fan game using the Hello Mario Engine (a neat GMS project / game builder that has a lot of the features present in most Mario games and it's free to use!). It has worked like a charm, until I found about about the horrendous game pad controls! What...
  9. mikix

    Demo Zombies, Dinosaurs and Aliens (Action Platformer)

    Moving this development blog to itch.io. I will be requesting an admin to close this topic. Zombies, Dinosaurs and Aliens is a side-scroller action platformer. Patch 0.200.0 Appearance of The Crew Man Edin. Self made graphics on the plan... Player direction follows mouse. Zero collision...
  10. Desix

    Asset - Scripts Full Input Boxes

    https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/3239/full-input-box Fully functional multiple-line input boxes with mobile features. If you need a simple one-line input box with all the features for pc and mobile, this is the one for you. With this text input asset you can avoid high prices and the...
  11. P

    Need help on my blood engine

    So I've been trying to make a blood engine following this thread here: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/unlimited-blood-splats.1624/ I'm trying to go for an effect simular to the INK game by ZachBellGames But my blood still overlaps the wall sprite. (See image) This is all the...
  12. A

    Legacy GM How do I spawn Knuckles?

    So I have been using this Sonic Engine for Game Maker Studio and it works fine and all, but I can't seem to figure out how to play as Knuckles in the game. He is in the code, but when I test out the engine, you play as Sonic and, for the life of me, I can't seem to play as Knuckles. I looked...
  13. S

    Export Game Retropie

    I want to export Retropie games made with different engines. From game maker how can I do it? Thank you!
  14. TheStolenBattenberg

    Alpha MAEngine - Community 3D Engine

    MAEngine has been under development for two years now, as a closed community project; headed by me, TickleForce (Venomous on the old GMC forums), and Falki147. Due to time limitations (I'm getting married now, and I think the others have left for other game development tools and school), I'm...
  15. Master Maker

    3D 3D Shader Help

    I was wondering if it is possible to modify Gamemaker's general shader to use a z variable in addition to the already-present x and y variables. If so, how would this be done? Through the pixel or vertex shader? What shader code would have to be written? Would it automatically use the z var, or...
  16. L

    Asset - Project Zend - Platform Engine

    Hello Game Maker Community ! After having Game Maker for so long I decided to make my own Platformer Engine. The idea was to build something robust, flexible and complete. After some weeks of works Zend was born. Link to the online demo on itch.io. Link to the market place. If you find a bug...
  17. T

    Windows Isometric Terrain Engine

    Hi everyone! This is just a really simple isometric terrain engine I created today. Its a simple engine where you can raise and lower the terrain with your mouse. The engine also includes slopes which will automatically appear to smooth out the terrain. A little player will spawn on the plain...
  18. N

    Windows RPG Engine

    Hi guys, is there an RPG engine out for GMS2? I could not find the filters in the marketplace so I downloaded the old engine by mistake. Thanks in advance! :-)
  19. yvodlyn

    Game engine

    Hello, Is someone know where can I find a 2d fighting engine for GM:S??? Thanks!!!
  20. I

     Ivan's RPG Engine Test and Code Walkthrough

    So recently I made a RPG Gamemaker Engine, I have a video here, showing off the code, testing, etc.