1. Divinik

     Hell is for Heroes Alpha Engine Preview!

    Been developing an engine for a game I'm making called Hell is for Heroes. Check it out and tell me what you think! Some Pre-Game Lore: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jfZxBuJaYQahkMN-fiiWyvFZS6lIR4YXoxVa5juI0JQ/edit?usp=drivesdk If anyone is interested in hopping on the project for...
  2. 2

    Asset - Service What Type of Assets do People Buy?

    A question for those who've sold assets on the Marketplace. What type of asset are people more interested in buying? Things that solve programming problems like scripts and engines for particular parts of games, or: sprites, sounds, and music resources?
  3. A

    GMS 2 Top down 2D engine for GMS2 ?

    I spent 10 hours/day for 1 week to learn GMS2 and GML, I spend frustrating nights on collisions, paths .. it's working, but far from perfect, and I guess other people did the same before me and did awesome job Now that I have an understanding of those concepts, I'd like to spend more time on...
  4. Adam Mansour

    3D in GM2

    People told me that gamemaker is rather for people who want to create 2d games. But if someone insisted on making a 3d game in this engine. How would it hold up to the other popular ones everyone knows?
  5. Z

    Mac OSX Issues with Platformer Engine

    I downloaded a Platformer Engine and I'm trying to make some changes. I made a second character and I don't know how to apply some of the scripts to my new object as well as the original object the scripts already apply to. Here they are: /* 0: Number of pixels above the collision rectangle to...
  6. M

    Free ASTEROID2 TOGETHER - A Coop/PVP Asteroids Clone!

    Hello! I want you to present you my first uploaded game. It's a simple game, a clone based on the classic 1979 Asteroids, ASTEROID2 TOGETHER. I've made this game as an homage to the original game for the 40th anniversary which will be this year. It's a recreation of the original experience...
  7. TheGameDevGuy

     Voxel Engine

    Hey everyone, i've decided that it was about time to make a little post about this engine that i've been working on for the past couple of days. I plan on releasing the source code on the marketplace, and itch.io but before i do so i would like to show off some of the progression :D LINK...
  8. U

    Asset - Project Stick World Online (GMS 2 <- 1.4)

    Stick World Online Asset Stick World Online [v2] (SWO) is an online multiplayer open-world platformer stick-figure game with RPG elements. SWO is a project I started in 2011 (based on v1 which I started in 2009, old video of v1 can be found here: ). The game was later abandoned in 2012 after I...
  9. I

    GMS 2 How to use a TextBox Enging/Engines in general?

    Hey, I'm super new to game maker and I found a textbox engine (https://github.com/glitchroy/textboxy | Textboxy) that I want to use for my game. I have no Idea how to use it in my project though. Do I have to drag all the files into my project somehow?
  10. B

    Windows Zero Legend - A tribute to the Legend of Zelda

    A pixel-for-pixel remake of the original NES title, The Legend of Zelda. © 1986 Nintendo The complete over world, name registration, and item selection is complete. Just need to add the dungeons and enemies. I will be adding a 3rd quest as well. OneDrive link...
  11. CodeManu

    Asset - Scripts eGraph Engine, add Graphs to your project with just two lines.

    DOWNLOAD LINK Use fully customizable graphs in your project with eGraph Engine. You just need to include the extension and use scripts: graph_id = egraph_create(x,y,width,height); value = egraph_get_val(graph_id); And It will return the value for the current time of the graph. The graphs...
  12. Luotigames

    Asset - Project Racketboy Engine

    Link: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/7545/racketboy-engine Racketboy Engine is a brick breaker game inspired by RacketBoy game. This is a much more fun and cooler brick breaker game compared to the old and boring ones. Contact me if there are problems with my assets. The most of them...
  13. X

    Service-Based Game Development

    GM Version: 2.1.5 Target Platform: All Download: https://app.box.com/s/l37dzzftkku9ob0iqg0rhe17ox3oxnar Links: N/A Summary: We're going to implement the basis of a service based game engine/system. Tutorial: First, I'd like to define what I mean by a service. A service is some part or function...
  14. M

    Asset - Project Battle Ship Engine for GameMaker Studio 2

    Hello! I'm about to do a little bit of promotion, but it would be great if any of you buy this and give me some feedback. In the last week, I've coded an expansive template in GMS2 to make a copy of the board game Battle Ship, and I'm finally done. I've done some interesting things with the AI...
  15. T

    Job Offer - Programmer [GMS2] Traditional Fighting Game Engine

    UPDATE: We have already selected someone to be our programmer. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me just cut to the chase. I'm heavily interested in fighting games, such as Street Fighter and Guilty Gear. I've always wanted to make one but TFGs are some of the hardest games to program. Throw...
  16. R

    Question - Code Game freezes after half a second [SOLVED]

    Hi there, I'm having an issue with my game that I can't quite get my head around. After running for half a second, my game freezes (all animations and movement stop), but the background music keeps playing. What is strange is that the console does not output any error. EVEN MORE BIZARRE : I...
  17. RedKnight91

    Asset - Project Smooth Top-Down Movement Engine

    Hi everyone! Shamelessly promoting my first asset here, an engine for top-down movement and collisions. I was having a hard time finding one that worked exactly the way I wanted it to work (which is: simple, efficient, smooth), so I made my own. Get on it for a couple $$ at THIS LINK Also...
  18. Appsurd

    Asset - Scripts Fast textbox engine

    Introduction We present you a fast textbox engine by Appsurd! Tested on GMS 1.4, should work on GMS 2 as well, except for the scrolling part. You must first initialise the textbox, and draw it in the Draw Event! You can change a colour using a <c=c_black> tag and the font using <f=fnt_20>. We...
  19. XirmiX

    Legacy GM Client reads 6th buffer incorrectly (possible engine error?)

    I've pinned down a strange issue while writing buffers, that seems to be out of reach for me to solve. I have 10 buffers being written from server to client to load content onto the client by specifying static and then dynamic contents' data. Everything is transferred correctly EXCEPT the 6th...
  20. L

    Asset - Project Ultimate Platformer Engine

    After successful release of URGP I'm back with my Ultimate Platformer Engine (aka. Stardust) Prove me wrong but I think this is the best engine in it's category available: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6979/ultimate-platformer-engine