1. L

    HTML5 Can we use GMS's HTML5 export to create Wallpapers for Wallpaper engine ?

    Hello, I have been wondering about it for a while. Can we use HTML5 export to create Wallpapers for Wallpaper Engine ? If yes, can we have simple, interactive and customizable wallpapers ? Has anyone tried it ? What are it's limitations ? or does Steam allow that to be uploaded as Workshop content ?
  2. Slyddar

    Asset - Project Tile Based Moving Platform Engine

    Tile Based Moving Platform Engine This tile based platform engine uses efficient tiles for instance collisions, as well as incorporating those efficiencies into horizontal and vertical tile layer moving platforms. Some of the features of the engine : Tile Based Collisions : Tiles offer the...
  3. Fanatrick

    Asset - Scripts GMGuard Anti-Cheat toolkit

    Current Version: GMGuard 1.0.0 YoYoGames Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/9382/gmguard-anti-cheat Itch.io: https://fanatrick.itch.io/gmguard-anti-cheat GMGuard is a toolkit for GameMaker: Studio 2.3+ designed to protect your games from common cheating techniques - without...
  4. N

    Asset - Project Lucid Engine - Pseudo 3D for GMS2

    Asset Store Link https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/7494/lucid-engine-pseudo-3d Overview Lucid is for making 3d worlds using 2d art in GMS2. The project includes a variety of scripts intended to simplify the development experience and hide away the rendering logic, so that devs can focus...
  5. R

    I am looking to hire a programmer.

    I need to hire a programmer who can create an engine for me, based on Super Smash Land: http://www.supersmashland.com/ (Link to test the game and understand the concept) It would not be to replicate a complex system like that of an official smash bros, but it would be played with 2 buttons...
  6. FoxyOfJungle

    Asset - Project šŸ¦Š Foxey Platform Engine (Complete 2D Platformer Project) [āœ… v1.3 - 01/2021]

    Advanced platform for for many purposes! With this platform engine, you will be able to make your own game without changing almost anything and at the same time having control of everything! Everything is very easy to customize, just change numbers or sprites and you have made a game! [For Game...
  7. Randon

    Platformer Engine (with double jumps and wall jumps)

    Hey people! This is a platformer engine with comments for explanation. (might not be perfect but at least kinda good for beginners) Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jkWrilOqzaoWRnd5hTNO1Z5syYBkpAXm/view
  8. Mig_PG

    Windows Isometric engine featuring : Depth Sorting - Z-heights - Ramps - Bitwise Grid/Collisions

    Isometric Engine Cool features so far : - Any number of floors / fevels - Ramps / Z-height - Pre-calculated depth sorting that handle any block dimensions. (Used a method described here : Isometric depth sorting) I did try a bunch of methods. I will talk about them in details when I next...
  9. BulleTech Studios

    Asset - Project RunNGun and HackNSlash Engines

    Here are two engines for beginners I've put up on the YoYo Marketplace that I'd like to share: RunNGun Platformer Engine A complete side-scrolling platformer shooter engine for you to build your own game off. GMS 2 only. * Completely configure all character sprites and stats as you need *...
  10. IGameArt

    DopeFish: Load 3D Maps from Doom/Hexen

    A small number of you may remember some time ago there was a Doom wad loader on the marketplace. Well that was my project, and it had a lot of issues at the time. Issues that ended up requiring me to pull it from the marketplace. Well I've been one hecking busy guy over the last couple of years...
  11. JaimitoEs

    Asset - Project Match3 RPG Engine [UPDATE] GMS1 & GMS2

    ***MATCH3-RPG ENGINE** UPDATE 1.5 FOR GMS2. Now SpineĀ“s animations uploads works perfectly in the Marketplace. >>>>MARKETPLACE STORE Demo 1.2 ANDROID Demo 1.2 WINDOWS IMPORTANT NOTE : Sprites are only for personal use, do not use it on your projects, avoiding copyright issues. Spine...
  12. Divinik

    Alpha Hell Is For Heroes | Sci-Fi Action-RPG

    I've been working on this engine semi-regularly for about 7 months now, and I figured it's in good enough shape to show off a little bit. The engine is being developed using Game Maker: Studio 2; I'm the only one working on it as of now. I've had the story idea in my head for years, but now I've...
  13. Divinik

    Alpha Hell is for Heroes Alpha v3 Demo Video!

    Thought I might as well share a progress video of what I've been working on. A quick peak at some new features added in the HifH Alpha 3.0 Engine. Battle Mode should be finished relatively soon, so expect more awesome updates to the game! Hell is for Heroes is an Action RPG set in a ravaged...
  14. iRhymeWithRawr

    Released Platforming engine

    About This platforming engine should be everything you need to create your very own platforming game! This engine has an extensive amount of features and will be updated accordingly when/if there is a majority request. This engine uses clean and commented code, allowing you to easily understand...
  15. Gandija

    Demo Skeletal animator2d

    Hi this is the will be using for animating 2d sprites in my games. Extrictly made with gml.
  16. Divinik

     Hell is for Heroes Alpha Engine Preview!

    Been developing an engine for a game I'm making called Hell is for Heroes. Check it out and tell me what you think! Some Pre-Game Lore: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jfZxBuJaYQahkMN-fiiWyvFZS6lIR4YXoxVa5juI0JQ/edit?usp=drivesdk If anyone is interested in hopping on the project for...
  17. 2

    Asset - Service What Type of Assets do People Buy?

    A question for those who've sold assets on the Marketplace. What type of asset are people more interested in buying? Things that solve programming problems like scripts and engines for particular parts of games, or: sprites, sounds, and music resources?
  18. A

    GMS 2 Top down 2D engine for GMS2 ?

    I spent 10 hours/day for 1 week to learn GMS2 and GML, I spend frustrating nights on collisions, paths .. it's working, but far from perfect, and I guess other people did the same before me and did awesome job Now that I have an understanding of those concepts, I'd like to spend more time on...
  19. Adam Mansour

    3D in GM2

    People told me that gamemaker is rather for people who want to create 2d games. But if someone insisted on making a 3d game in this engine. How would it hold up to the other popular ones everyone knows?
  20. Z

    Mac OSX Issues with Platformer Engine

    I downloaded a Platformer Engine and I'm trying to make some changes. I made a second character and I don't know how to apply some of the scripts to my new object as well as the original object the scripts already apply to. Here they are: /* 0: Number of pixels above the collision rectangle to...