1. Zeathus

    GMS2 Platformer Enemy Movement

    I want to make a 2D Platformer game but i just can't find a working tutorial on enemy movement. I am a total begginer with programming and if someone could help i would like to thank you!
  2. E

    Legacy GM Enemy weapons

    I want to make enemies pick up weapons on the ground and then to shoot player with that weapon. The problem is that the enemy picks up the weapon, but i need help to make it shoot from it. The weapons can be also picked up by the player. Enemy has 4 weapon slots like the player, but i would...
  3. C

    need help with enemy bullet probelm

    so i'm having a problem with my enemies shooting at my character once i spawn i just get pounded by bullets like there should be some time between shots but right now they are shooting like 50+ bullets per second it actually looks like a laser anyway hopefully someone can help me. my stuff...
  4. L

    Basic AI? Follow and damage

    Hi All I am by no means a coder but I enjoy playing around with GM, I have a semi working engine up and running, but now I need some advice with my AI, all they need to do is follow my player when they are in range and do damage when touching player, Mario style. I had coding where they...
  5. E

    Legacy GM Making Versatile Enemys/Rockets with multiple "targets"

    I have been wondering if there is a more efficient way for bullets and AI to path find to enemies or allys. one such example is having five enemy's move towards five allies. having this many instances trying to move all with their own codes would result in my trying to code 25 different Ai...