1. L

    GMS 2.3+ SOLVED - Randomly generated objects have no collision

    Hey, In my game I have these enemy's that have this simple ai grid pathfinding that I used from this itch.io page. https://randatabase.itch.io/simple-ai-grid-pathfinding It does what it's supposed to do but I have a little problem. I have this system where is randomly spawns a certain amount...
  2. E

    GML How could I make enemies spawn on the right side of the game screen?

    Hey all! This is my first time using GML so I am not too great at it and I need a little help. I am currently working on a 2D side scrolling shooter. I am trying to make enemies/entities spawn on the right side of the screen but I'm having some trouble. I have looked at a lot of videos and...
  3. philipIII

    SOLVED Help with the creation of an obj

    Hey! I want to place an enemy in each floor of the room, here's my script (i'm kinda new so it's a simple script): ///@arg collision ///@arg obj function random_platform() { var collision = argument0; if instance_exists(collision) { instance_create_layer(collision.x +...
  4. R

    GMS 2.3+ Enemy AI

    Hi everyone I am trying to get my enemies to show an alert pop like metal gear solid. My main issue is that the alarm that I am using is never actually starting because its in the step event and keeps on looping. I've tried to look it up something like that. here is some of the code ///Step if...
  5. R

    Code only works on first enemy created

    Hi everyone, I've got a bit stuck on an issue. I have my music change when in a certain radius of an enemy. However it only seems to work on the first instance of the enemy that was created. Any idea why it only works on one enemy? Big thankyou in advance for any help. EDIT: Also worth pointing...
  6. JasonTomLee

    Asset - Graphics Slime Platformer animations

    A set of Slime animations for your platformer games! Many more animations, effects and sound effects will be added. Check out the main Itch.io page for updates. Download directly through Gamemaker Enjoy!
  7. R

    smarter enemy

    hello guys, I came to ask for help with a code, how I could get the result I want. I'm trying to make an enemy who can walk the map but, he recognizes obstacles along the way and try to "dodge" or go the other way. I tried to use collision_line or point_distance to see if I could but without...
  8. D

    Galaga style enemy behavior??

    trying to make a galaga style shooter game, but have been stuck on enemy behavior. I have tried many different ideas for it but always end up with an issue that I can't find a way around. I have a non-visible object that acts as the creator of the enemy instances off screen at the top and use an...
  9. Gorshalox

    How to make enemy(walking,attack)

    I'm making ma first game(2d platformer) in GMS language,i don't know how to make enemy to walk to player and attack him,pls help me
  10. xS89Deepx

    Zombie spawner

    I'm making a zombie game and zombie only spawns in 4 directions, check the image below... //here my code for zombie spawns obj_zombie_spawner create event - alarm[0] = 100; global.level = 0; alarm[0] event - if (instance_number(obj_zombie) < 3) { repeat (1 + global.level) {...
  11. F

    How to avoid the respawn of the enemies when I re-enter the room

    Game maker 1.4: I put an enemy in the room, but even when I kill him, when I enter again in that same room, he spawn again with the full life. How can I avoid the enemies that had already dead of spawn again?
  12. P

    Making Enemy Shoot at Player

    Hi. I'm using Drag and Drop and am new to coding so I'm having some trouble with this. I've created an enemy called obj_enemy_dropper that that bounces off walls. I've tried looking through tons of threads and watch countless videos but I can't seem to find out how to make the bullet shoot at...
  13. lluuze

    Hitboxes + Enemy Parent Issue

    Hello all, I've been experiencing some problems with the hitboxes and enemy parent. Once the player's character collides with the enemy, they become stuck but before I made changes to the player's sprite; everything was fine and working. I recently switched back to the original sprite to fix...
  14. K

    Making the enemy flips

    Hey, lately, I´ve been working on a game for a Game Jam, it´s a roguelike style game. I have my enemy, who just have one sprite turning to the left, and I would like to: Detect if the player is on his left or his right; And flip to the side where the player is;
  15. L

    Attack State

    I received this code error message after watching tutorials my college issued to me. I did take "calarvae_attack();" out and the game loaded however my enemies do not perform the attack animation as they are suppose to. How can I make the enemies attack the player back when approaching...
  16. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 How to do Conditional Destroy Functions

    Hello, I have a game where enemy objects can be destroyed in 2 different ways, but I'd like 2 different things to happen depending on how the enemy object was destroyed. For example, if an enemy object goes off of screen or out of room the enemy object is destroyed and the enemy objects can be...
  17. Z

    GML Trouble with Enemy Attack Sprite Manipulation

    I have just completed the wonderful GML2 Complete Platformer Tutorial series by Shaun Spalding on Youtube. The code is identical to how he set up his simple shooter, I have just changed the art and little details and values here and there, and everything works! However, my enemies do not have...
  18. Alaska Minds

    Easy Enemy AI (Idle, Chase, Attack, and Flee)

    GM Version: Studio (All) Target Platform: Any Download: None (Code below) Links: Example gif of the code below: https://alaskaminds.org/2020/02/11/game-maker-easy-enemy-ai-idle-chase-attack-and-flee/ Summary: Hello All! I'm going to show you how to create an enemy object that will Idle...
  19. sweep

    Enemy animation

    Hi ( I know this topic must have been brought up a thousand times before.) I am working on a top down game. I've been through the forum looking for a way to get the enemy to animate when chasing the player. I have the enemy sprites set up for 4 directional movement. I've tried tweaking the...
  20. shrunkenmaster

    [SOLVED] Help with ds_list to select random path without duplication

    I'm trying to work out how to place one enemy on each of the paths I have. I used a switch to select a path which works fine, but I can't figure out the ds_list to select 4 random, but different, numbers. Eventually I'll have more paths than instances. Very new to this, so any guidance would...