enemy movement

  1. T

    Issue with enemies getting stuck in ground

    Working on a simple 2d platformer, with a mechanic where enemies can be grappled. So far all going well, though I made it so that if while the player is grappling an enemy and they take a hit from another enemy, they're supposed to be knocked back and release the enemy. With how this currently...
  2. giraffeman210

    Drag And Drop Random Enemy Movement For A Maze Game

    I am trying to make random enemy movement work for my maze game but can't find any tutorials on how to do it. I am trying to make it work so the enemies move in random directions but can not choose backwards or where there is a wall. Below is a response I had gotten but I don't know how to add...
  3. giraffeman210

    Drag And Drop Path Finding

    I am trying to make a maze game using gms2 drag and drop and I have my grid movement working for my player but I was wondering if there was a way to do grid movement and path finding for the enemies. Pretty much I am trying to have it so the enemy will only choose randomly to move where there is...
  4. KPJ

    GMS 2 Enemy AI Movement (GMS2) (SOLVED)

    Hi everyone. I'm making a top down game and I need help regarding enemy ai. I want the enemy to be patrolling a room, but I don't want to use paths. I want it to be almost like Hotline Miami, where the enemy moves forward, and turns left if they sense a wall ahead. Any help or suggestions on how...
  5. Zeathus

    GMS2 Platformer Enemy Movement

    I want to make a 2D Platformer game but i just can't find a working tutorial on enemy movement. I am a total begginer with programming and if someone could help i would like to thank you!
  6. L

    GML [Solved] Horizontal collision problem with Enemy Object

    So I was making a platformer using a tutorial from Shaun Spalding, and it was a little outdated but overall working fine, until I got to this specific line of code with the oEnemy object in the step event. if (place_meeting(x+hsp,y,oWall)) { while (!place_meeting(x+sign(hsp),y,oWall)) {...
  7. S

    GMS 2 Help: Platformer enemy won't move despite programming

    Hello. As the title suggests, I'm having some trouble getting the enemy in my basic platformer to move. I'd like to note that I am green when it comes to GameMaker. The enemy is simply supposed to move back and forth on the ground, turning around whenever it reaches a ledge or a wall. I've had...
  8. D

    AI Mob Movement with Moving Platforms

    Hello, I have adopted the RTS Group movement system found in the marketplace to create the effect of mobs of units moving towards a single goal (the Player). It works beautifully for moving units and moving them around objects. The only issue I am having is when I try to move a unit around a...
  9. O

    GML Keeping Enemies from Touching

    Hi everyone! I'm making my first game right now (a top-down zombie survival) and it's going pretty good but I have an issue noone can seem to answer. My zombies will clump together in one small space and it makes it far too easy for the player to kill them. Their movement code is very simple...
  10. J

    {SOLVED}stationary player top down shooter enemy help.

    I have a top down shooter where the player stationary and when you click the mouse the background move backwards to make it look like he is running. The enemies and projectiles are giving me some problems. For Example when The mouse is released and the player is at a "stop" the enemies move at...
  11. psyke

    GML Need help with enemies with multiple parts

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create an enemy like the one from the screenshot below: As you can see, it has multiple parts, but then I realized that it would be very difficult to program something like that to move around and attack. So what is the best way to create an enemy like this? Do...
  12. G

    Help with Beat'em up enemy

    Hello, I have been trying my hand at building a small beat'em up style game much like Double Dragons for the NES. I am currently having trouble with the enemy movement. I have the code currently set up as follows //check left or right if o_player1.x > self.x and //checking if within radius...