1. AnthonyRose

     Moldermind - An endless arcade top-down shooter prototype

    About: Moldermind is a simple and short endless arcade top-down shooter but with a twist. That being that... you are the bullet! Use your special boost/dash attack by holding your mouse's left button to ram into enemies and destroy em all. Your objective? Get as much score as you can and...
  2. Kultisti

    Free Cog Owl

    Cog Owl jump higher and higher as you clean the clockworks of reality from the cosmic waste! play it here with 10+ unlockable colour palettes ✿

    Beta KAFA II [Open Beta][Android]

    Hello everyone. After long time, I decided back to make game making. I published a game which name is Kafaa couple years ago. Even if Kafaa was finished, I cannot implement Google Play Services, in game store etc. Because I lost .keystore, Kafaa couldn't be updatable. Now, I am developing KAFA...
  4. A Random Creator

    GML Endlessly regenerating maze

    Hello everyone! I've been trying to think of the best possible way to generate a maze endlessly as the player travels through it. I wanted to make it a literal endless maze as the player walks through it the parts they've already traveled regenerate into new maze and the parts they've yet to...
  5. K

    Released Heavy Sky (iOS, Android)

    Hi, everyone! Heavy Sky is a mobile game with minimalistic graphics, inspired by old-school shoot-em ups. Fight your enemies in two game modes, earn coins and buy upgrades for your aircraft, support drones and power ups. Main features: - Gamemodes: coin hunt and endless mode with 3 difficulty...
  6. P

    Windows Endless building/saving when you press a button RUN (F5)

    Dear participants of the forum, help to deal with the problem of the endless building of the project when you click RUN (F5). building time ∞ I shoveled the Internet including this forum, but I did not find a similar problem. Perhaps the solution was somewhere nearby ... :( P.S. sorry for my...
  7. K

    Problem with building

    Hi, i am new game maker user and i have a problem. When i save my project and press "play" i receive only endless building, even if project completely clear. I dunno what to do :\
  8. Humayun

    GMC Jam [Source Code] Weird Space

    Description: A GMC Jam #7 entry that is made in 72 hours time scale. Explore the infinite space and complete all 9 missions. Features include random space objects generation,orbits (planets gravity), missions, In space **** movement and some more. Releasing source code to...
  9. Edu Shola

    Free CHIKE - Sky Raider Download Now

    Story Trailer Launch Trailer Adventures Of Chike is a funpacked endless flight game made with GameMaker. ;) Help Chike fly around Lagos as he collects mysterious gold research chips for an investor (Mr. Afo) in exchange for funds to complete his solar power project for his community. You...
  10. Nallebeorn

    HTML5 raftraftraft: A paddling game about traveling on a raft that tends to break a lot

    I present to all you fine members of the GMC...... raftraftraft An endless paddling game about traveling as far as you can on a raft that tends to break a lot (sometimes because of whales). It's also about collecting driftwood and using it to repair your raft. Or just to make a really big...
  11. D

    Android Ugly Smyle Runner - run, shot and die

    Ugly Smyle Runner Grab your ugly Smyle and run! Survive hordes of monsters and various obstacles but be careful the monsters become stronger, build your weapon and fire with all your strength !!! Show off with your friends and show him how far you've done it. Game Features: - Craft system -...
  12. D

    Android Animal Run - Endless runner 2D

    ANIMAL RUN - ENDLESS RUNNER 2D Hey guys, I am so happy to announce my first ever released game! It's game for android, made in GM:S. I've been working on this for the past two years in my free time and I loved every minute of it. I learned so much. Thanks YoYoGames for making this possible...
  13. L

    Android Creating predefined random stages ("∞" room) (My way)

    (Sorry for my English) Hello everyone! I'm pretending to make a infinite game. My question is... What would be the proper way to do this? This is the way that I'm pretending to do this: I would have a static player, and the world just move to the left I would create a "PredefinedRandomStage"...
  14. 8BitWarrior

    HTML5 Bacon Blitz

    [Bacon Blitz] Defend against waves of enemy swine by launching mortars and managing your troops. Earn coins to unlock weapons and upgrade your units! PLAY NOW on Kongregate!
  15. O

    Infinite exp. + Level Generation

    I think there's a lot of potential for a game to be fun and well received if this concept is fully explored. While it's not a brand new idea, anytime you find this in a game either the random generation still feels like static level design or the experience system is too broad. That or there's...