endless runner

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    Free Gravity Flip, a young square's struggle.

    https://geostegma.itch.io/gravity-flip This game was created in 2017, but never released as I had lost interest and moved on to other projects. I recently thought back on the experience of working on this, and decided to go ahead and release it in its current state, as I believe there is enough...
  2. I

    Object Spawning Help

    So for this game I'm doing, I followed GravityShift Games' tutorial on making and Endless Runner but I'm expanding on it. Basically, i have an object that spawns enemies until the players gets to a certain score. Then it stops spawning enemies and spawns a jetpack that essentially triggers the...
  3. I

    GMS 2 Copy instances from another room

    Good day, Im trying to make an endless level generator for my shooting platform game and I just dont know how can I do it, or how to do it corectly without thousands useless lines of code. The idea is, that I want the player to start the game and as the camera will keep going left, the player...
  4. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Built-in speed/state change interfering with slopes...?

    Hola! I'm having a crack at an endless runner variation, where instead of objects coming towards the player, the player is constantly moving forward. I've tried modifying an existing movement script so that this happens, and it works, but every time I change into the attack state on a slope...
  5. T

    Android Escape Earth - a mobile pixel art game

    Hello Folks! This is my first post. I've been developing (but not finishing) on and off games since 2004 on my spare time, albeit always having a lot of fun coding them! I tried about everything you can imagine, GameMaker (Earlier versions), text based PHP, javascript, Unity and Scirra...
  6. T

    GMS 2 How can I make an infinitely long room?

    I already have a basic platformer with levels setup but I want to make an endless gamemode, heres what I want to be able to do: I want to randomly generate preset chunks side by side to make an endless runner, I don't want to make random terrain but preset structures in a random order infinitely.
  7. S

     16-bit-ish Penguin platformer

    WHAT IS IT? It's a penguin platformer with dozens of levels and challenges that has you running through terrain, jumping over hazards, chaining a score together and belly sliding down hills through ice blocks. In addition to challenges and hand made maps, there is an infinite runner mode...
  8. A

    iOS Block Dash [Android/iOS]

    Hi All, Block Dash is a new game I have just recently released for Android and iOS. Its a fast paced puzzle game. Full Description: Pick your icon, crank up the music and test your reactions with ever increasing difficult levels! Or see how far you can get in the unlimited mode (try not to...
  9. S

    Code for an endless runner

    Can sombody help me with some code for an endless runner. The room has to generate in the y -axis There are 3 lines where the player can move to and i want to randomly spawn obstacles on these lines thanks for the help
  10. M

    GML Spawning off screen a group of objects?

    Hi all, So I'm looking to spawn a group of object off screen that will slowly move onto screen. Once they get a point it will pick another group of objects and spawn them of screen and so on. Sort of like a endless runner. I want to have control of where the object spawn setting up the...
  11. M

    Free [Windows] Give Me My Houmous!

    Hi everyone, I've just released my first game for the Finally Finish Something Game Jam on Itch.io. It's a small endless runner, where you play as a dinosaur chasing after a thief who has just stolen your picnic food (including houmous, of course). You have to chase after him and throw...
  12. D

    Android Animal Run - Endless runner 2D

    ANIMAL RUN - ENDLESS RUNNER 2D Hey guys, I am so happy to announce my first ever released game! It's game for android, made in GM:S. I've been working on this for the past two years in my free time and I loved every minute of it. I learned so much. Thanks YoYoGames for making this possible...
  13. M

    Legacy GM An endless runner like Turbo Pug

    Hi everyone, I've just started thinking through how I might make an endless runner. I'd quite like to make something similar to Turbo Pug: . I'm unsure how the developers did something like this? The terrain is procedurally generated, but there seem to be set blocks which are repeated . So...
  14. JoltJab

    [solved] Is running into the infinite bad?

    So I'm making an endless runner style game and I wanted to know if there's any negatives to having the character running forward forever (or until game over)? With a custom camera you can go outside the room size while still following the player. As a noob I find it easier to move the player...
  15. G

    infant runner wall crushed player on silde of screen

    I trying to make an infant runner. I am having trouble when my player gets crushed because of a moving wall. What I need is help with is killing the player when they are up against the screen and a moving platform crushing them. What happens now is he gets pushed back a little and hit the wall...
  16. J

    Android Divine Dove: An Elegant Flappy Bird Clone [FREE]

    Divine Dove on Android Hey all! I'm proud to present my first version of an Endless Runner game! My goal was to make the gameplay as similar to Flappy Bird as possible, but make the graphics much more abstract and minimalist. Gameplay is easy to learn (touch the screen to fly), but very...
  17. P

    Android ZombieBar - Endless Runner Game

    Hi Guys! I have just released my first android game - ZombieBar! Welcome to Zombiebar, the place where your life depends on the satisfaction of your customers — Zombies! Test your waiter skills by filling up glasses, recycling drinks, jumping over barriers, and occasionally shooting some...
  18. S

    Free Chameleon Swing: Open Beta [iOS|Android]

    Chameleon Swing Chameleon Swing is the endless tongue flinger for Mobile. Swing through the Madagascan rainforest-- NOT with rope, NOT with vines, BUT WITH TONGUE! Chameleon Swing Beta is available to play on Google Play! Click on the button to start playing: Description: Guide...
  19. V

    Released Go Home, Pigeon ! Available for free on iOS and Android !

    Hi everyone ! I just released my latest game, Go Home, Pigeon! to the App Store and Google Play (Amazon store to come) Feel free to grab it on any of the stores: Apple AppStore : http://appstore.com/gohomepigeon Google Play : https://goo.gl/zKvOxV Here's the launch trailer : The Gameplay...
  20. S

    Legacy GM Parallax Background

    Hello there, nice work for the brand new site ! I have a request : On the old forum, there was a nice post about parallax background for a side-scrolling game (cf link below) http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=531761 But, as you can see, the link is broken... I'm currently working...