1. I

    GML Saving nested maps to .ini with json_encode and its issues

    Hey guys, I'm running into an issue and I'm not sure if it's me or GMS2. I'm using GMS2 and working with saving and loading to an .ini, I'm sure many of you have done this before. I have a map with nested maps and I've added them with ds_map_add_map(). When saving, I use json_encode, write it...
  2. J

    GML JSON "default" value

    Hey I'm having trouble getting my head around the json_decode function. It says the following: Json is a single value - returns a ds_map with a single entry "default" that is the value Json is an array of objects or values - returns a ds_map with a single entry "default" that is a ds_list of...
  3. acidemic

    Asset - Scripts Fast & Secure File Encryption Scripts [Free] - Now supports opening encrypted .ini files

    Fast Crypt Ultra - Encrypt / Decrypt & Compress your files, game resources and .ini files super fast and secure! [ Marketplace Link ] This is a set of scripts for secure and fast file encryption and encoding. This bundle contains many scripts that provide various features. Please read top...
  4. cdgamedev

    GML Thoughts on this Encoding/Decoding Algorithm

    Hi all! I just created a encryption/decryption algorithm using base64_encode and base64_decode. What are your thoughts? Is it a good idea to do something like this as it makes it more difficult to decode? Only issue comes down to longer strings... as I just found out
  5. O

    How to change the encoding of text received from a DLL

    Hello. I wrote a DLL and connected it to my project. But when I exchange data with a DLL, all the data looks like ANSI. But I need UTF8. I can change the output data in the DLL, but how do I change the encoding to incoming data? I get the text "??????" = "привет" (Cyrillic). Maybe someone...