1. FeetUpGaming

    buffer_get_surface results in empty buffer

    Hey i was using surface_save but it was taking too long so i thought i'd try using buffers to save the surface as a .png instead and i just can't seem to get it to work: var buff_size = (width*height)*4; var surf = surface_create(width,height); surface_set_target(surf)...
  2. 2

    Asset - Graphics Marketplace Bug: Product Icon Image Shows Empty Under Some Catagories after Changing it

    When I uploaded the asset "Quick Debug Variable Set Pages", I realized the text in the icon image was blocked by the smaller icons yoyo adds. I changed the icon image to fix this. When I checked under Marketplace/Latest/All category, the icon image was empty like one of the images below, but the...
  3. NeZvers

    GMS 2 Lightweight objects are there?

    I just read Alejandro Hitti post and in 25th point, he mentions that there are Lightweight objects... If they are there, how do I use them?
  4. Bladestorm Games

    Legacy GM Set default values if arguments are left blank in script

    Hi Gamemaker Community, do you know how to make scripts have default values if nothing is entered in for the arguments? Example: "script_create_amber" ///script_create_amber(x, y, direction, speed, life_time) particle = instance_create(argument0, argument1, obj_particle_amber)...