1. Cyranh

    GMS 2 Embedding a Google form inside my game

    Hi everyone, I just made a Google form to collect player feedback and for them to report bugs and crashes. It's embedded on my website through the html embed URL. Would it be possible to somehow embed such a form into the game so people can give feedback without even leaving the game? That...
  2. B

    Do bitmapped fonts still need to be licensed in final product?

    Hi, I'm a new developer who is not very familiar with the whole licensing issues. I'm wondering if I need to pay for the fonts that will be pixelated in the considerably low resolutions for my game. I noticed that Game maker bitmaps the fonts before it allows us to use the fonts in the draw...
  3. RizbIT

    Asset - Extension GMSWebView Game Maker Studio Android Extension

    GMSWebView - Game Maker Studio Android Extension ** NOW WORKS WITH GMS 2 *** Get more information, links, updates and purchase it here: http://www.rizbit.uk/gmswebview/ This is the first and ONLY original webview extension for #Android! Buy it on YoyoGames MarketPlace Today with 33% off sale...