1. Claspo Jones

    SOLVED Will I lose my license if I change my email?

    I (stupidly) bought the Desktop License on an account linked to a throwaway email that I nearly lost the password for multiple times, so I'm planning on changing the email linked to this account to my main email, but I'm scared I'll lose my license and have to pay another $110 just to keep using...
  2. CLiolios

    Forum Issue Game Maker Comunity mail sent in Promotions inbox

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is exactly a Forum Issue, but anyway I just noticed that some conversation replies were sent in my Promotions inbox, so I didn't get a notification for them and could have missed them. Is there any way to whitelist Game Maker Community mails, or have them be sent...
  3. R

    In app bug reports

    I want to add a feature to a gamemaker app where the user can submit bug report through the app itself. Right now I am thinking about just adding a url maito: function that will bring up the users default email app and submit through that. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on making...
  4. S

    Activation Email Activates Nothing

    So, I just recently created an account on the main Yoyo Games website (or so I thought), and yet I cannot log in. No matter what page I go to, what links I click to go there, the results are the same. Every time I get the "account activation email, it asks me to change the password. I change my...