1. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 Nested if statements

    Sorry, this a bit of a newbie question but I'm cleaning, house as much as possible. Hence several posts over that past few days. What is the best way to deal with nested if statements? if the weather is dry { if im at home { if im not tired { if i have no...
  2. 2

    GML Most Efficient Way to Turn Off Draw Event Outside View?

    What's the most efficient way of turning off drawing for an object with a Draw Event when the object is outside the view? I think I'm going to be drawing a lot of objects with the Draw Event. If there were 300 to 900 objects wouldn't individual if statements to check if each object is inside the...
  3. A

    GML Need help with best practices for coding projectiles

    hi all! in my top down game the player can shoot projectiles up, down, left, and right, depending on what direction the player is facing. now, i can code this and indeed have done so already in 2 different ways: using 1 object that has multiple states/scripts that control the projectiles...