1. CrunchCaptain

    Portfolio - Art Looking For Work Or Collaboration

    Hello GM Forums! I have been working in GameMaker trying to make my own games for years now. I have only taught myself code and followed along with YouTube and Udemy videos/courses, but my passion is the look and feel of the game! I have a completely open schedule due to circumstances, so if...
  2. D

    Game Mechanics Ball Lightning Spell - Feedback appreciated

    Hello, guys! I've been messing around with a new spell kind for a game I'm currently developing and I'd like some feedback. It is a ball lightning spell. Don't mind the character casting animation, since that is actually the attack animation, not the cast animation (the cast animation is not...
  3. CreativeBand124

    Asset - Audio Car sound FX

    * A WRC rally car sound FX. * + 5 gears Array * 228 km /h Top Speed * Real working Speedometer * Easy to manage it. * Full Support * <<< Link to YouTube Video https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/9267/real-car-sound-fx <<< Link to the asset
  4. F

    GMS 2 is it possible to add Audio effects?

    In Game maker studio 2. I've been thinking of making a level featuring space, and of course I want the classic Fadey audio effect for the background music, footsteps, etc so I tried to add a high pass filter and either I can't seem to find it or i'm just being stupid and there is no way to add...
  5. Liam Earles

    Legacy GM Particles keep disappearing

    So, I was working on a snow particle effect for my game, and while the particle is created successfully, it would only be created once. I'm trying everything I could to loop the effect but I can't find anything about recreating the particle effect after being created once. Here's the piece of...
  6. Gamerev147

    GMS 2 Dynamic Fog

    I've been trying to make a dynamic fog type of effect. Everything I've seen so far is all using foreground noise images to simulate fog. I wanted to make a dynamic fog effect, where the fog looks like natural fog (random). I was also messing around with shaders and got one that looks okay...
  7. A

    Do you know any game effects software?

    Hi, I am developing a game but I have a trouble with game fx such as slash animation, bomb or fire animation but all of them have to be pixel. I used to be use After Effects but it takes my time so I wonder that you have using any software which was developed for game effects :)
  8. V

    GMS 2 Fullscreen Motion Blur

    Hey, guys. I was wondering if anybody has some motion blur scripts or shaders to blur everything visible. I can script code to motion blur individual objects and it looks great, but I'd love to see it all blur.
  9. AsCii_exe

    GMS 2 Briefly glow white when damaged

    I'm trying to make a simple script that adds a white filter into the player's sprite when damaged that quickly fades back into the sprites usual coloring. I can't seem to use the built-in image_blend variable because "c_white" is the default coloring for "no filter" and I can't find a way to do...
  10. despair3042

    Asset - Shaders Shockwave Advanced

    Use the shockwave shader to achive cool effects, like bullet trails from energy weapons, explosion shockwaves or water ripples, and more! Introduction By using a set of simple scripts, you can easily create two types of shockwaves on any surfaces, sprites or on fullscreen, and customize its...
  11. JAG

    GMS 2 Moar physics questions

    Hi there I am trying to understand how in my game I can use the sweet sweet Box2D physics only for effects (for instance the cosmetic bits of a cool explosion). What I was is for all my characters and weapons and walls etc to interact with each other as they do now, by running code inside the...
  12. Zack

    [YouTube] Springs and elasticity: making things bounce with math!

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 1.4 and GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: This is the first video in a series tackling the mathematics and (not-so-obvious) applications of springs in game making. From jiggly buttons to swaying grass to 2D dynamic water...
  13. H

    Re-spawning,Room Size,Hurting Effect

    1.I want to make some "power-ups" for my character when use them to gain abilities but not forever and that so I want to make them re-spawning to not use that power-up once and done.I want to re-spawn them in the room but using a different object, a controller object and not re-spawn them into...
  14. jana

    [SOLVED] Particle system needed every step

    I'm having serious crashing issues with my game, when I press the escape key or the quit button: // destroy particle systems and do other cleanup game_end(); and when I click my game restart button // remove particle systems and do other cleanup (room_goto(rm_menu)) There were no crashing...
  15. L

    GML Failing to apply shader properly. 60 shades of frames...

    Hi guys, I'm kind of frustrated, there is this one thing that i wanted to apply to my game but i have failed to do so... I wanted to apply a chromatic dissortion effect to my game. My initial game sample has 4 sprites... the are is one animated sprite in the background. and a player sprite...
  16. S

    Legacy GM Problem with effects depth

    I recently updated game maker to v1.4.1773 from an old version (i don't remember which one), the problem is that on every object in which i have an effect, the effect depth goes below the object when it's set to go above, and just the same when i set it to go above (it goes below) is this a bug...
  17. ShaunJS

    Asset - Shaders Dissolve/Edge Burn/Disintegrate Shader

    (Currently supports GMS 2.0 and 1.x!) Itch - Marketplace - Patreon Create a real-time dissolve effect that can disintegrate or materialize any sprite using a size-matched black and white dissolve mask. Different colours and masks can create many different effects! Just two scripts and...
  18. R

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Looted coins effects help!

    Hi! Im making a 2D platformer game for Android, and im trying to make this nice effect when the player touch a coin and the coin just move fast to the score GUI zone, but i have no idea how can i do this in a simple way. Please help me! and sorry if this is not the place to post this.
  19. MIchael PS

    Legacy GM What about shader DISTORTION ?!!!

    HELLO EVERY ONE!!! I have a request that I can't figure out my self. I know GML (and actually well enought) but it wasn't more than two weeks ago when I started working with shaders. Is anyone out there knows how to make a shader that makes your screen (intotal : rooms,objects,bgs,particles)...
  20. Nocturne

    Asset - Scripts SHOCKWAVE EFFECT!!!!! (GM:S 1.4 + GMS2)

    GET IT HERE! This asset provides an easy way to drop a spectacular "shockwave" effect into your game. This effect uses surfaces and primitives to create the effect (no shaders!), and can be used without any setting up or editing - simply import the scripts and effect object, then call the...