1. L

    Animation Text Reveal - Advanced Typewriter

    GM Version: Studio v1.4.1750 Target Platform: ALL Download:N/A Links: N/A Summary: Animates a draw_text_ext with a typewriter, alpha and color transition effect for individual chars. This causes an effect similar to what you see in this video: Tutorial: To implement this into your...
  2. Nathan Laing

    Shaders [SOLVED] Invisibility 'cloak' effect on sprites

    Greetings! Could someone point me in the direction of a definitive method for achieving a cloak | invisibility effect on sprites? (much like the one seen in the movie, Predator) A paid or free example is fine. youtube tutorials and marketplace assets are curiously lacking on this topic...
  3. Dragon47

    Asset - Demo 3D Fireworks (free)

    Download executable: http://www.mediafire...D Fireworks.exe Marketplace link: https://goo.gl/GuRfPV This demo contains a set of different types of fireworks which uses vertex texture fetching and point sprites to efficiently render more than 100,000 particles at once. The logic of the...
  4. K

    Legacy GM Slow Down Audio

    How (in GML) would you slow down audio at its current point, up until a certain point. Scenario: In my project, when an enemy gets too close to the player, time slows down, I want the music to slow down along with it, and speed back up after the player is a safe enough distance for time to not...
  5. L

    Legacy GM Change alpha overtime on mouseover.

    Working on tweening highlight effect for mouseover on object, in my scenario to be used for changing the drawing alpha of an object on mouseover, will make more generic later. The below code works perfectly fine for this, however, if you leave/enter the mouse before the tween have finished, you...
  6. Tizzio

    Asset - Project Rain Drops

    Dynamic rain with collisions > Link to Marketplace https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/715/rain-drops > Features Only 1 triangle for rain drop Easy to use, only 2 objects (1parent object for collision and 1 object for the rain effect) Optimized with a particle pool that reuses array...