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  1. M

    Asset - Demo Assistance with Ultimate Text Engine

    Hello All! I purchased Ultimate Text Engine from the marketplace even though the reviews stated that it was difficult to use, however I figured I'd take the chance on $2. I've spent quite a bit of time on trying to figure out how to use it in my project, but its lack of documentation and lack...
  2. M

    Legacy GM Blood splatters: question about an old tutorial

    So I found this great looking little tutorial on how to do efficient and potentially infinite blood splatters: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/unlimited-blood-splats.1624/ However when I looked at the code the poster provided I knew something was missing. I don't understand how he...
  3. Megax60

    Megaman dash effect

    I want to make that effect like when megaman is dashing, im not using it for a dash, im using it for like a "powerup", i want it to enable when a variable is equal to 1
  4. G

    [SOLVED] Destroy Effect error

    Speak up, all right? One more question, I have a spawner that spawns several zombies. But when I squeeze to destroy a zombie, the Effect appears on another, and when I squeeze on another zombie the game crashes. The Effect, im doing with DnD... I dont know how do with Code. Like, I want the...
  5. DyadGames

    Question - Code Surface effect not converting from GMS1, Need Advice

    Hey I followed the part 2 of surfaces GM tutorial It's a ripple effect, I created it it just fine but when I throw it into GMS 2 It seems to be showing my texture sheet instead? Im not sure what to do to make the affect work again but in GMS2. Any Ideas? Here is the draw event for the...
  6. Misu

    Particle effect not working

    Im using GMS2 and I cant get my particle effects to work (they dont show up). Can anyone tell what might be the problem with my coding? CREATE EVENT: ss = surface_create(1280,960) stream = part_system_create() part_system_depth(stream,1000) p_type = part_type_create()...
  7. 6

    Adding effects on a circle

    Hello Everyone! I'm making a game where you can use a bomb, which radius grows really fast and destroy everything in it's way. I've managed to do this, it's working really nice with collosion_circle, but for the display all i have is a draw_circle which is not so nice. Can you please tell me how...
  8. Z

    How do I replicate GM8's reverb effect?

    I would like to make MP3 files out of MIDI files, but with the reverb effect. I cannot do that in GM:S, but only in GM8. Is there a workaround to get just exactly that reverb with those exact parameters? If not in GM:S, how can I get it in C/C++?
  9. E

    Alarm Problems... [FIXED]

    MY ALARM ISN'T SETTING OFF! EXPLANATION: I have a piece of code in a create event of an object. global.playerturn = 0; alarm[0] = 1000; On the alarm[0] event I have this code: global.playerturn = 1; On the press z event I have: if (global.playerturn = 1) {...
  10. Fixer90

    Quake Effect? (SOLVED)

    In Cave Story's scripting, inputting a simple <QUA will make the entire screen shake somewhat violently until the end of the command. What kind of code could I use, that I could put in the form of a script command (or an object's create event) that would make a continuous earthquake-like effect?
  11. S

    Legacy GM Making a seamless room wrap

    Hello, I'm currently trying to create a simple space game where you are able to land on planets. I want to simulate the ship going around the world without hitting any sort of border or anything, much like how older Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger handled going around the map. Currently...
  12. N

    Legacy GM Effect_create_above and direction

    Hi,i want to know if it´s possible to give a specific direction to a simple effect using effect_create_above or effect_create_below,in this case,in my top down game,when the boss of my level attacks with his club i want to create some smoke effects emulating dust on the ground,but always in...
  13. Buff

    Asset - Scripts Fast Lights

    An efficient surface based 2d lighting and shadow system packed with features and optimizations. Fast Lights 2 for GMS2 has been released! Check it out here. Marketplace link. Download the example executable. Download the example project. I tried to show off nearly all the features so you can...
  14. DukeSoft

    Asset - Shaders [FREE] Bloom / Glow shader

    Hi everyone :) Just dropping this shader off. A simple, yet effective bloom shader. GLSL ES Fragment code: varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; const float blurSize = 1.0/512.0; uniform float intensity; void main() { vec4 sum = vec4(0); int j; int i; // take...
  15. S

    How to generate a star field effect with depth using code?

    I would like to generate a star field effect with depth for my game. I will have several space sequences and would like to use graphical effects to generate layers of stars that move at different speeds and appear to have depth. I know I could layer several images and have them slide over each...
  16. NeutralD

    Asset - Project Geon FX — Particle Editor

    Itch: https://nod.itch.io/geon-fx Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4574/geon-fx-particle-editor Demo for Windows: http://www.steampanic.com/geonfx/builds/geonfx_lite_win.zip Demo for macOS: http://www.steampanic.com/geonfx/builds/geonfx_lite_mac.zip Discord...
  17. I

    how do I use this script to store multiple strings?

    This Script : for (i = str_length; i > 0; i -= 1) { string_array[i] = adjust_arabic_text(string_copy(converted, 1, i + 1))} Is used to reverse a string, adjust the Arabic text inside it to display correctly (the adjust_arabic_text() function is from an extension), and store It's...
  18. I

    how do I make sounds on collisions play once?

    I tried ALOT with different means but wasn't successful. . . I tried with variables and if-else statements, I tried based on speed, and some other stuff. but the sounds either keep playing or do not play at all. what is the simplest way of doing this that actually works?.
  19. A

    Legacy GM Hit-Stop Effect/Sleep Function Substitute [SOLVED]

    UPDATE [25/09/2016]: Turns out the simplest solution to the following problem is to write a script function that compares the 'current_time' to a specified argument within a while loop. This way, the game is unable to process anything whilst the while loop is running, achieving the desired...
  20. IGameArt

    Asset - Shaders RetroFexx - Shader Suite, Links Fixed!

    Featuring Shaders: RFX_coldepth_shd - Limit the color depth in the scene by any value. Higher numbers = more colors. RFX_palswap_shd - Swap out the palette to any of your choosing, any number of colors up to 4096! Customize the dither of both shaders with a 128x128 texture and a dither spread...