1. G

    Android Memory Games with picou picou

    My very first game made with GMS2 is live and I am very happy about it. I migrated from another technology and I am very happy for my decision! I can confirm that developing with GMS2 is not only faster, but also a lot easier. It is a collection of educational mini games that practice memory...
  2. K12gamer

    UWP Christmas Game

    Action packed educational game to teach young students how to spell MERRY CHRISTMAS. Harder skill levels will challenge gamers of all ages. This FREE PC game runs on most Windows PCs. Windows 10 Microsoft App Store Link Windows XP,Vista, 7, 8 Link 1) Exciting arcade action! 2) Free with NO...
  3. JDedu

    Demo Click Clack Typing - A 2D platformer that teaches typing

    Hi all! I am working on a 2D platformer that teaches you how to type. It's called Click Clack Typing! It's in the intermediate stages of development. The way it works is that basic movement is mapped to typing commands, so you have complete control of the character. The yellow arrows allow...
  4. K12gamer

    HTML5 A collection of EDUCATIONAL games I made...

    I've been teaching 1st grade for 20 years. I mainly make educational games. There are several samples below (Just click on the images to play) Note: I have a paid host but have been switching all my HTML 5 games over to the FREE service offered at It's really easy to set up HTML 5...
  5. W

    Free Planetary Kaleidoscope

    Planetary Kaleidoscope is a free space educational app that gives you a visual of what gravity waves would look like over time between any planets you choose in our solar system creating awesome planetary signature kaleidoscopic designs. With the year 2018 suspected to be one of the biggest...
  6. B

    Educational Study Game Ideas

    I work in a middle school where all of the students are checked out Chromebooks. They do homework on them and sometimes we allow them to play games. Supposed to be approved educational study games. These games are from the books we have and they are very boring matching games. I am curious if...
  7. A

    Android Unexpected Path

    Now you have the amazing adventure of helping a billiard ball to return home. You can help it through unexpected paths, the cave, desert, ocean, moon, and others, jumping and unlocking with your skills as many rods as you can. Be careful with the crazies balls that want to destroy red ball...
  8. M

    Block system like Scratch and Google Blockly

    I would like some help in creating a block system similar to what is used in Scratch and Google Blockly. Like the sidebar with all the blocks which you select from. This is for a small project for my college class.... Any kind of help will be appreciated
  9. M

    Need Help in Creating Multi Window Menu which can Spawn Objects

    Hello everyone im new to this forum and to game maker as well. I am doing a small project for my class in college and need some help. I want to create menus which can spawn blocks or objects just like in scratch or google blockly. I cant seem to find any tutorial related to this. If any fellow...
  10. S

    help with educational license

    We have a lab license for our High School Game & Simulation lab. I have tried installing Game Maker Studio while signed in as an administrator - using the public user in the store paths. Then when I log in as a student only Game Maker Player is available. Why does this not work?
  11. Daedalus

    "electrical wiring" possible ingame?

    Hello community members, I am rather new to GameMaker, at least on a professional level. I purchased Gamemaker 6 several years ago when I was still experimenting with game design in my freshman year of College and later upgraded to GM8, but haven't had much experience with it. Now I work for an...
  12. Dragon47

    Free The Additive Color Test (HTML5 and .exe)

    The Additive Color Test The Additive Color Test is a game where you attempt to guess the RGB or HSV components for a sequence of 10 colors shown on the screen. It's a very simple game, and can be used to make you more familiar to the RGB and HSV color schemes so that you won't have to look up...