1. zorth

    Windows how does one do 3d on gamemaker education or 1.4 with d3d?

    how does one do 3d on game maker education or 1.4 with d3d? all I found works with gm2 not what I'm working with. can someone help me it's a school project.
  2. A

    Discussion Methods for tracking player engagement/interaction?

    Hello, I'm a Learning Designer at an education tech company. We usually use tools like Articulate 360 for designing our learning content but I've been looking at expanding into game-like, interactive content that's more compelling and ultimately more fun. However, e-learning authoring tools...
  3. atmobeat

    Interest in Mediumweight Objects & Read-Only Access to GMS2 Functions

    I wanted to check with the GMS2 community to see if you all would be interested in the following features: "Mediumweight" Objects -- We have our heavyweight objects and our awesome new lightweight objects. This feature request would basically be a way to toggle the built-in variables. As my...
  4. S

    Educational learning downloads

    Hi all, My son wants to start programming and as I have GMS2 I thought that would be a good place to start him off with. I noticed that the GMS website has an educational section/tutorials section - Found Here, but it seems that I am unable to download the full 2.3 program and the 2.3...
  5. T

    Hello World! - Absolute beginner advice needed.

    Hello everyone! (Apologies in advance if i'm not following guidelines properly, i couldn't see an introduction page) I downloaded a trail version GMS2.3 which i'm planning on buying when i next get paid. So far i'm loving it, yet to use the drag and drop system as i've heard writing code can...
  6. Champol

    Legacy GM In how many computers can I use my GM:S 1.4 licences?

    Hi, I would like to ask a question, in case you know the answer. I have two licences of GM:S Professional associated to my account, which I got in 2012 and 2016. Some time later, after GM:S2 was released, GM:S1 licences were removed from the market, and now they cannot be aqcuired by any...
  7. ATY@Y@

    OFFICIAL New Free Educator Resources

    We've just launched a complete educator resource for educators to teach students how to program in GameMaker Studio 2 using Drag and Drop, created for us by Terry Watts, an Educator and former Game Designer. It is a comprehensive practical programming scheme of work designed to introduce...
  8. JDedu

    Demo Click Clack Typing - A 2D platformer that teaches typing

    Hi all! I am working on a 2D platformer that teaches you how to type. It's called Click Clack Typing! It's in the intermediate stages of development. The way it works is that basic movement is mapped to typing commands, so you have complete control of the character. The yellow arrows allow...
  9. Coded Games

    HTML5 [Hour of Code] Cloud Constructor - Build Your Cloud!

    Learn the basics of cloud computing by building your own cloud! Build servers, upgrade them, and connect clients to keep up with network demand. Play the role of a Cloud Architect during the interactive lesson and test your skills in the endless game mode. Cloud Constructor was built in...
  10. Bladevampirek

    Android Mental Math: Basic, & Two Army Themes.

    Have you ever been interested in learning Mental Math? I have created an App which main focus is to teach people how to do Mental Math (without pen & paper.) All App themes are under 50mb in size each. All versions are linked to the same leaderboard, so you can play any theme that you want and...
  11. J

    Windows Education license - Open lab scenario/Best Practice?

    I've read the "Getting GameMaker Studio 2 for Education" and am scratching my head on how to manage the seats in an open lab scneario. What I'm stuck on are two main points: "Once a seat ID has been used to log in to GameMaker Studio 2, both the seat ID and the computer running the GMS2 IDE...
  12. B

    Legacy GM Requiring Specific Player Input to "Open" a door?

    Essentially, I'm coding an educational video game for a senior project/thesis paper in high school, and I need to require very specific player input to unlock further progress in the game. What should I look into to achieve this? Thank you all very much for any help you can offer! EDIT...
  13. K12gamer

    HTML5 Christmas Game (Includes Santa)...

    A short educational game to teach numbers from 11 to 20. Other games in this series are available. Available at HTML5 Version LINK Video: Santa Numbers 11 to 21 (HTML5) PacNumbers 21 to 30 (HTML5)...
  14. L

    Question - IDE Issues with GMS2 Educational licensing

    We purchased 20 GameMaker Studio 2 Education Licenses for our university labs to test the software and see if it would work in our multi-user lab environment. In testing we found a few issues that would impact our deployment of the software. 1. It seems that the My Account page is...
  15. W

    Windows How to transfer games without the export/import file option

    Hi, I am teaching kids how to make games with gamemaker and therefore I have examples. Since they work with the free version they can NOT import the exported files. I have tried to send them the whole project folders with all files, but some of them say they can open the game file, but they are...
  16. Widget

    Discussion Creating a video game development course for my university - what should students learn?

    I'm the student representative for the Directorial Academic Committee at my university so I have some influence when it comes to what and how courses are run in it. The uni is based in Scotland, and despite the massive interest in video game development for young people (due to successes in...
  17. W

    Question - IDE How long can you use the trial version?

    Hi, I need gamemaker for teaching kids and schools. How long can one use the free trial version? ('trial' suggests a time limit).
  18. Drenathor

     Studio 2's Free Limitations

    Hi YoYo Staff, Is it possible to get some official responses that explain why Studio 2 is so much more restrictive than Studio 1? I’ve seen a number of questions about this on other sites but without knowing of any official posts on this topic I haven’t been able to point them to any useful...
  19. K12gamer

    Windows Santa's Numbers

    Short educational number game. The game helps students learn the numbers between 11 and 20. Other games will be available in this series to teach other sets of numbers. I plan to have a different character for each mini game.
  20. A

    Windows Grab & Grow ABC Garden

    First, I'd like to thank Shaun Spalding for his Game Maker tutorials, which got me started, and all the forum members who helped me when I was stuck (Thank you, Aura!). Also, two big thumbs up for Game Maker: Studio! I only wish I had found it sooner! Grab & Grow ABC Garden The game I'm...