1. A

    Workshop Basics

    How do you drag the background screen in the workshop? For example when creating a room or editing a sprite. To explain more, SPRITE EDIT - When I've edited a sprite and I've had to zoom in for finer details, it then cuts off the surroundings (Which it would while zoomed) but I then can't...
  2. ParodyKnaveBob

    Portfolio - General Stop the Typos! Professional English Copy Editor

    Does your game have typos? Is English your second language? Is English your first language, but you lack time and/or ability to catch and/or correct errors? u txt 2 much n ned hlp? I'm at your service! When one enjoys one's job, one generally does better at it, right? Well! I've held...
  3. Dani

    Question - IDE Resource tree name edition: selection almost invisible!

    Hello! After the latest update of GMS 2, some changes were introduced to the resource tree. I really like the new look, but when editing the name of resources, if you select a part of the name, the selection color is very similar to the background, so the selection is almost invisible. Look...
  4. K

    Can I edit multiple frames of a sprite at once?

    I decided to make a small adjustment to my main character sprite but editing every frame one by one seem daunting and probably inaccurate so is there a way to edit multiple (or all) frames at once? I'm a complete noob at this so I apologize if its a dumb question :)
  5. David Richard

    Article List of FREE tools and websites for game creation

    Here is a list of very usefull softwares that are good for game creation with a brief description. This list can be expanded by other users' contributions. The softwares on this list will follow these guidelines: Free for commercial and non commercial use (No paid version or stripped down free...
  6. G

    In Game Room Editing

    If I'm playing my game, and I place an instance in the room with certain variables, how can I save the room so that the instances are actually in the room editor itself?.. ie, testObj = instance_create(100,100,object_box); testObj.testVal = 5; So when I open the room editor in GMS, I see the...