1. XirmiX

    GML [SOLVED] Assign code to just-created instance BEFORE it runs its create event?

    I've found trouble doing this. It essentially boils down to having the create event code from the object be placed inside the object/script that creates it. The "with" variable does not help at all, wish it did, seems redundant otherwise. What happens is: Object creates an instance of another...
  2. L

    Editable Text

    I'm trying to figure out how to create text that the player can edit. I've only found ones for regular coding but I'm using drag and drop.
  3. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] how to make a global variable from a string name

    Im wondering how I can edit the value of a global variable from a string name as you can see below. SCRIPT: scr_do_damage_to_enemy: ///scr_do_damage_to_enemy(enemy_id_number); a = argument0; //the id of the enemy. it is just a number of 0 between 29 for every unique enemy b =...
  4. D

    Question - IDE Resource tree name edition: selection almost invisible!

    Hello! After the latest update of GMS 2, some changes were introduced to the resource tree. I really like the new look, but when editing the name of resources, if you select a part of the name, the selection color is very similar to the background, so the selection is almost invisible. Look...
  5. W

    Forum Game The GMC GMZ hot potato

    Hi, so I thought It might be fun to post a gmz and have you guys add stuff to it, random anything at all but no deleting or modifying existing content others have added to it, I wonder what we can come up with haha This GMZ I made today does 3 things, it flashes a sprite when a semi colon is...
  6. G

    Editor error (color)

    Hi, My editor is all white, so I can not identify some things. Already tried to uninstall and reinstall, but did not work. And every time I create a project it's like this. Any idea?