1. E

    GMS 2 GMS2 acceleration_to_point

    Alright, here's something I thought could be extremely useful IF I could ever figure out how to make it. A piece of code where an object moves from one point to another smoothly without just jumping to the co-ordinates. This is the base I'm working with. Any ideas on how to continue this? (I'm...
  2. Ruimm

    Asset - Graphics Easy Cam - Free, simple to use camera

    Hi, I just published a simple Camera asset on the marketplace. It allows you to easily create Cameras and it features: - Camera rotation - Camera Zoom - Camera Position - Screen Shake - Fixed camera size (independent of screen resolution) Here's a video of the example that comes with the...
  3. WindCat

    Asset - Scripts WokiaLog Engine (Powerful Dialogue Engine)

    This is POWERFUL Dialogue Engine! Command description is on Create Event in o_test. * Basic dialogue functions * Event functions(You can create objects, such as choices, inputs, and so on, and link them very easily.) * Logical branching function(Easily create branches) * A Lot of...
  4. Red Phantom

    GML [Solved] How to repeat code 100 times?

    I want to repeat this code: instance_create(0,0,obj_Bat) 100 times, using some kind of for loop. What is the overall code for doing this (without actually pasting it 100x)
  5. J

    Expected Expression [SOLVED]

    Hey everyone, So i was trying to make a menu following this tutorial. I have three events with code: Creation event for menu object: https://pastebin.com/xaHSeuEE Cleanup event for menu object: https://pastebin.com/rRVHPtqx and Create menu page script: https://pastebin.com/N9UdzkYh In my...
  6. S

    Asset - Scripts EZ Shader - Simplify working with Shaders

    Hi everyone, Here is my shader interface library: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6348/ez-shader How does this help? When you use shaders in your game, you often want to be able to modify variables inside the shader. But in order to do this, you have to do a weird handshake to attach...
  7. WindCat

    Asset - Scripts WOKET UI v4.0 - Free, Easy, Tree-based UI System

    ( WOKET UI v4.0 ) Marketplace Link : https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6026/woket-ui [ Important functions of W.UI ] - Tree design ui - Check which UI the mouse is on. (Top UI) - Automatic drawing order - Coordinate correction according to parent node - Easily designed using layers in...
  8. C

    3d Game Camera

    So I have a great game idea and all but I think it'd be more appealing if it was 3d! I'm asking if there's a simple tutorial or script I could use to make a 3d game! Thanks!
  9. A

    Mimic Terraria's Skeletron Movement

    Before you ask, no I am not using Re-Logic's art. I have my own listed below. The left sprite is his hands, the right is his head. I want to mimic the movement of Terraria's boss Skeletron (Preferably Expert) with some differences. I don't need entire bits of code, just main pieces...
  10. M

    Drag And Drop What are the easiest game genres (ex. platformer, shooter, etc.) to code using GameMaker 1.4?

    I'm new with GameMaker and I grabbed the 15 bucks bundle for the GameMaker: Studio 1.4 Licenses. I'm making a video game as a school project (in which you can do pretty much whatever you want as long as it has a goal to it), but since I'm a beginner, my capacities are pretty limited. So here's...
  11. mar_cuz

    Game Mechanics Game difficulty

    Hi all, How do you handle game difficulty as in easy, medium and hard levels? I'm making a sports game and was thinking I could have easy, medium and hard versions of opponent objects and load them accordingly. Then I thought I could have variables that relate to the difficulty. So for...
  12. T

    Android Shape Command

    Hello fellow game makers, allow me to introduce my first project, a game inspired by the classic "Missile Command" by Atari. Download it for free: https://tkramer-gamer.itch.io/shape-command For the ones who were born after 1985 and beyond, this is what it is about: Enemy missiles are...
  13. S

    Beginners Start Here!

    I see folks new to Gamemaker on the forums looking for some good tutorials to get their game making ambitions off the ground. Now there are a lot of good tutorials out there from the likes of Shaun Spalding, Heartbeast, etc. Some of these are directed at beginners, others are not, but most are...
  14. L

    Asset - Extension Lerner Translator

    Easy translation on the go. Lerner Translator lets you internationalize your app and reach a wider audience. Only three steps are required: store translations, choose the desired localization to display then surround your strings with the lt() function. Here you go! This package provides you...
  15. Tsa05

    Question - IDE Will the missing functions be added GMS2?

    I'm working on a marketplace asset for use with GMS2, and could definitely use some of the functions mentioned in this High priority, Assigned suggestion from 2014: http://bugs.yoyogames.com/view.php?id=15941 I think that most asset devs could benefit from being able to get and re-set...
  16. K12gamer

    Discussion I prefer DRAG and DROP...Is GMS 2 out of my league?

    I'm afraid to get Game Maker Studio 2...because I fear it may be geared towards advanced programmers who like to code. I'm more of a visual (Drag and Drop) kind of thinker. Will GMS 2 have Drag and Drop for High Score tables like GM 8 had? What about a Drag and Drop icon to easily configure a...
  17. F

    GMC Forums Basic Waypoint System [EXT]

    Simple extension ready to import into gamemaker. made in Master"v1.4.1763". I am unsure of where to really share files, and any good methods to do so, i guess i could use guthub? Link is upload.af A small and nice share site. Tutorial: LMB to select player. LMB n Drag creates selection box...
  18. S

    Asset - Project Easy and Fast Multiplayer Online Game [UPDATE 1.0.1]

    Hi, I have developed my own engine for online multiplayer games. I've done it in an easy and simple for everyone to understand way. It does not require advanced scripting or code, only a few lines of code. Features: *Connection between the client and the server. *Sending packets easily using...
  19. G

    Easy-to-learn GML Tutorial

    GM Version: GM6 or higher Target Platform: ALL Download: HERE (about 300kb, open using any word program including notepad) Links: original post Summary: Originally created Aug 2005 Staff choice since Feb 2009 Thousands of downloads since release 1,613 downloads recorded, just from 12-23-15...
  20. H

    Windows I Need Help Please (Should be easy)

    hey, im very new and trying the breakout tutorial, trying coding, yknow but i got an error and i cant fix it, its the exact same as the code. i need help pls! if go == false; { x = obj_bat.x; } else { if y > room_height { room_restart(); } } ERROR at line 5 pos 2 Unexpected symbol in...