1. S

    GML generate random options dynamically

    So I'm making a simple arcade-style game. It consist on ice cream cones falling and one pressing buttons to make them. I have four "flavours" (colors) and as difficult arises I want them to appear stacked. For the moment just one flavour appear. I tried with draw_sprite() and using de x of the...
  2. G

    Legacy GM Large dynamic resources loading method not blocking the game

    Hi, I would like to ask, if there is a method (included or extension) to load external resources without blocking the game pipeline. (I use sprite_add function in the code) To be clear, I am working on a game that would preferrably use sprite sheets for character actions (composed layered as...
  3. I

    Use downloaded image

    I'm making an auto updater with http request and django as server. I can download the image using a dll, but how i can use this image on the game? - The image path: working_directory+"\image.jpg"
  4. Y

    Legacy GM Draw changing number of rectangles [SOLVED]

    So I'm working on a menue, facing the problem of drawing multiple rectangles. I want them to be drawn in a row, but the number of them wouldn't be the same all time (based on a variable). As "repeat" doesn't work very well in draw events, I wonder if there is a better option of drawing dynamic...
  5. CoderJoe

    Legacy GM Lighting (dynamic shadows)

    Hey there. I have been working on a lighting engine for my game. I've tried multiple iterations of it but the basic idea is this: I want only shadows to be draw instead of light. The levels of my game are divided up into sections. The player object moves and there are some lights in each...
  6. Samuel Venable

    [SOLVED] Dynamic Timelines

    This is the first time I recall the need to dynamically create a timeline in GameMaker: Studio. The problem is I want to create at random moments a new instance (with 55 * room_speed as the max), but instead of creating them all at different moments, they are all created at moment (step) zero...
  7. N

    Asset - Scripts [66% OFF] Better CO-OP (Dynamic Split-Screen)

    - 66% OFF, hurry up and take it! - Better COOP is a system that allows you to easy implement split screen to your games. Wanna make a cooperative or competitive videogame? or Wanna implement it with your actual project? With Better COOP you can easy do that!, works for any kind of 2D games...
  8. MusNik

    Asset - Shaders Day / Night Cycle Shader

    Download: Marketplace - Itch.io Day and Night Cycle Shader can get really impressive effect on the atmosphere of the game. It can be used even without application surface with a special system described. It can give really significant performance boost on mobile devices. But you always can use...
  9. ZeDuval

    Asset - Extension Function_Execute *UPDATE*

    UPDATE: v2.0.5; New: Provide function-names as string More supported functions Execute Gamemaker Functions dynamically by providing the function-name as built-in macro... function_execute(Draw_text,20,30,"some text"); ...or by providing it as string in quotation marks...
  10. Turgon

    Particle Depth - Isometric/Dynamic

    I'm making an isometric game right now, and am wondering if anyone has found a way to draw particles at their current isometric depth within the same particle system? E.g. when a bullet hits a wall it creates a number of particles on impact. The problem is that the created particles ignore...
  11. 2

    Dynamic Save Files

    I am sure that the answer already exists somewhere, but I am not sure exactly what I would need to search in order to find the answer. I need to create a dynamic save file, and by that I mean the quantity of variables stored varies. For example, only one object is present in the room, so the x...
  12. M

    TETRIUP (for mobiles)

    Almost Finished. This is a mix of well-known puzzle game and dynamic platformer combined with bright colors and energetic music cuts.