dynamic camera

  1. D

    GMS 2 2 player dynamic zoom - Help

    I am working on a 2 player platformer. I want my two characters to be seen in the camera and to zoom in and out according to their x distance //Zoom// Adjusts the camera size perfectly. //Tracking// Centers the camera position perfectly. But both together mess up the centering... Everything...
  2. P

    Two Player Single Camera View request

    Hello guys I am working on a two player game that originally had splitscreen for the two players. I wanted to do parallax scrolling backgrounds but that seems to only work properly when it tracks a single play or camera object. So I decided that I wanted to ditch the split screen and probably...
  3. Gamerev147

    GMS 2 Dynamic Camera

    Backstory: So I recently started to switch over to Game Maker Studio 2. Much of the code is different. It's really hard for me to learn this new code when I knew the old code so well! Anyway, I need help creating a Dynamic Camera like Shaun Spaulding's video on a dynamic camera. Attempts...