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  1. Daniel Westberg

    Android GooglePlayServicesExtension & Firebase - GooglePushNotificationsExtension Collision (Duplicate Resources)

    I get a build error after I've added both GooglePlayServicesExtension & GooglePushNotificationsExtension _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First this...
  2. N

    Room Duplicate/Object copy to next room PLS help :D

    Working on a project atm to build a animation type program using game maker. So I'm trying to make a code that duplicates the room I'm currently in and or puts all the same objects from current room into the following room that already exists.
  3. Mr Giff

    GML [SOLVED] Comparing string variables and getting rid of duplicates

    Hi guys! I've been a long time Gamemaker user (since gm6) but have only recently joined the new forums here. So thank you in advance to anyone who's willing to help me out! Introductions aside, I've been having an issue that's been bugging me for a week. First, here's a little pretext on what...
  4. O

    Windows draw event in a for loop and object following

    Hi. Im trying to get a drawn text follow a moving object but it just duplicates it self (see gif. )when the object moves. I belive its because of the for loop its drawn from but im not sure. Does any one know how to make this work ? if (room = inventory){ for(var j=0;j<invMax;j+=1){...
  5. A

    Question - IDE GMS2 seems to be randomly duplicating assets

    Hi there! I'm new to GMS2 but not new to programming or game development. My friend and I are working on a project using GMS2, using GIT / sourcetree to work together across the country. On several occasions, GMS2 seems to spontaneously duplicate sprite and / or script assets, in this...
  6. I

    Windows Duplicate file breaks GameMaker?

    Hi, everyone! Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find it anywhere! Then again, I'm not sure how to formulate this correctly, but I'll try. (Sorry for all the backstory, hope it isn't too long!) I recently (2 days ago?) started using gamemaker, and did the tutorials on the website...