1. R

    Free Slautios

    Slautios is a roguelite souls-like about chaotic melee combat between crowds of monsters with a daunting total darkness as an obstacle. There exists a large variety of light sources to take advantage of, so feeling your way through the dark is something to be avoided when possible. Through...
  2. Fredrik

    How to make a map that that 'opens up' as you go ?

    Hey! I'm wondering if anyone wanna help me with making a map for a dungeon crawler which opens up more and more as you go through the level (see images for example). I think I have some understanding on how to do some of it, but I'm not quite sure. How I think I'd do it would be to draw the map...
  3. danielpancake

    Free gmdungeon - a dungeon template creating asset for GM:S

    gmdungeon is a dungeon template creating asset that can be used in any kind of project requiring dungeon generator. It's easy to use 👆 Download and examples: github Price: Free Installation proccess For GameMaker: Studio 1.4 Drag all scripts from src/scripts folder into your open game maker...
  4. G

     Liber's Quest [Temporary Name]

    Hello all, I am posting this because I want to start engaging with the community and raise interest in my game. I have honestly just started working on it and I'm implementing the games base mechanics as we speak. It will basically be a "form" of an RPG with other genre elements in it. Currently...
  5. BB Scary

    Windows HH Games - Dungeon Escape

    Hi everyone. (sorry for my english - i use google translater) I am introducing you my first project of HH Games series (handheld games) with graphics like old handheld tetris. Your mission is escape from all levels and stay alive. Before enter to the next level you must collect all points or...
  6. Fredrik

    Steam Moor - First Person dungeon crawler

    A first person roguelite dungeon crawler Released on Steam 20th of december 2019 Website Greenlight Previous forum tread Second forum tread First forum tread Hey! Since Moor's release in december 2019 it has had several patches which has improved the game alot! Moor is currently in...
  7. Fredrik

    [SOLVED] Saving and regenerating instances that the player has spawned

    Hey! A few days ago I asked for help on how to make a system to save 'states' for various instances that have been changed by the player, like in a dungeon crawler if the player break a crate or open a chest, to then go down to a new floor, and then back up to the previous one again, and how to...
  8. Fredrik

    [ SOLVED ]

    Hey. I'm making a dungeon crawler, and the entire game takes place in only one game maker room. I've made a system which will generate a random dungeon, and when you find the way down to the next floor it will delete the current generated level and generate a new one. However, if you want you...
  9. D

    Dungeon Generation with Prefabs, Enter the Gungeon Style

    Hey guys, I'm currently trying to build a dungeon generator where it stitches multiple pre-made prefabs together to generate an entire dungeon, very similar to how "Enter the Gungeon" generates its worlds. I have already figured out how to make a prefab room creator but I'm unsure on how to make...
  10. N

    GML Procedural Dungeon Generation System

    Greetings, GameMaker Community members. I have been working on a procedural dungeon generation system and would like to share a solution. Just to put it out there, this solution is not the be all end all as many other solutions exist. The purpose of this post is simply to showcase my method...
  11. Fredrik

    Demo Moor - 3D dungeon crawler

    A rogule-like dungeon crawler Links: Website Greenlight The first tread The second tread Download demo 3.1 * https://www.dropbox.com/s/lretngvrei9bduu/Moor_3.1.zip?dl=0 * News! Current demo version: "Moor demo 3.1" The demo was updated to this version: 21. march 2019 With this...
  12. P

    Job Offer - Artist Looking For Pixel Artist

    Hey guys! I'm looking for one or two talented pixel artists to help me with a few projects! Plenty of work, details will be discussed over email. Looking for art similar to Crawl or Hyperlight drifter. Please email if you're interested at: blakelinnell96 at gmail
  13. K

    Dungeon arrangement / random generation

    Is there a way of placing pre-made rooms inside of bigger rooms in Game Maker Studio 2? Basically, I'm trying to figure out a way of making a random dungeon, Binding of Isaac -style, so I'd be making rooms by hand each in its "own room" in GMS2, and then loading/applying them into one bigger...
  14. woodsmoke

    Free Catacomb Chess

    The city of Chessfield is under attack by bloodthirsty creatures! They come from ancient catacombs under the church. King, Queen, bishops, knights, rooks, and pawns descend beneath the surface to end the evil monster menace from down below. CATACOMB CHESS
  15. 2

    Alpha Side Scrolling Dungeon Crawler

    Hey guys, been working on this game for about a 2 weeks now. Just wanted a little feed back as to the concept and idea. The game is a side scrolling dungeon crawler, randomly generated levels, and pretty much everything else is randomly generated to an extent (weapon names/stats, enemy stats...
  16. T

    Windows In Dungeon - realeased on Steam with Early Access

    Hello there. I'm here to post my new game. coming soon I'll released on Early Access on Steam. I published this game when Steam Greenlight was working Buy the game on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/670280/In_Dungeon/ Important: This game is still in development and can currently...
  17. nacho_chicken

    Demo Eysir: Return of the Dungeon Emperor (80's style CRPG) [+Devlog]

    EDIT: This topic is for a previous version of the game. For the current version, please visit https://nacho-chicken.itch.io/eysir-1-eotf or wait for the upcoming forum topic about it. What is Eysir: Return of the Dungeon Emperor? It is a CRPG (Computer Role-Playing Game) in the style of...
  18. C

    Free [Puzzle] Elemental Dungeons - Do you want a challenge? Try this out.

    Elemental Dungeons is a puzzle, dungeon exploration game that is inspired by games such as The Legend of Zelda and Magicka. The game primarily focuses on local multiplayer teamwork but also contains a single player mode for lone adventurers. Key features include: Maze-like dungeons for you and...
  19. NazGhuL

    Asset - Project Rogue-Lock:Ultimate[GMS2] Roguelike starter pack

    This asset is no more supported. This is Rogue-Lock:Ultimate, the successor of Rogue-Lock. Made with GMS2 for GMS2! It's a Roguelike starter pack. really helpful to begin making ... roguelike! Here it is: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5236/rogue-lock-ultimate Here is the demo: Demo...
  20. Eclip5e

    Alpha Grim's Dungeon - Alpha

    --- Grim's Dungeon --- An epic 2D Bullet Hell shooter Free Test Phase is over! You can now purchase it at https://eclip5e.itch.io/grims-dungeon. There are still some free copies though, so check it out. Free Copies...