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dungeon generator

  1. danielpancake

    Free gmdungeon - a dungeon template creating asset for GM:S

    gmdungeon is a dungeon template creating asset that can be used in any kind of project requiring dungeon generator. It's easy to use 👆 Download and examples: github Price: Free Installation proccess For GameMaker: Studio 1.4 Drag all scripts from src/scripts folder into your open game maker...
  2. D

    Dungeon Generation with Prefabs, Enter the Gungeon Style

    Hey guys, I'm currently trying to build a dungeon generator where it stitches multiple pre-made prefabs together to generate an entire dungeon, very similar to how "Enter the Gungeon" generates its worlds. I have already figured out how to make a prefab room creator but I'm unsure on how to make...
  3. A

    Randomly generated dungeon question

    I've created a randomly generated dungeon using my own ideas instead of BSP, which I tried but couldn't managed to connect rooms correctly, and some other ideas for map generation. To sum up, It's working quiet nicely and with the configuration I was looking for. Although, sometimes it gets bad...
  4. NicoFIDI

    Alpha [Roguelike] Torre truhán (A dungeon crawler)

    Torre truhán (Rogue tower) Genre: Roguelike (classic), Dungeon crawler, Survival. GM version: GMS 1.4 Platforms: Android, Windows. Download link (Google drive): v00_01_006 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XLTAEavIHRi3-NYGCyXyqK6kT_9dBzmQ Game information: Torre truhán it's a classic...
  5. Bingdom

    What dungeon generator design do you prefer?

    Hello GMC! I would like some feedback on what room path link design you would prefer to have on my possible next game. Rooms are shown in colours and the room creation order goes in a colour that is in an HSV order. Meaning that red is the first room linking to the orange room that is second...