1. p6v

    GMS 2.3+ ds_list_sort help!

    Hello, I have a global ds list that i can save and load. I will eventually be using this as a scoreboard. It works fine, but when I try to sort the ds list, it spazzes out and the numbers constantly change every single frame improperly. I've tried putting the ds_list_sort in the create event but...
  2. flyinian

    How could I fix this so that it would detect enemies at the path of the projectile and not where the projectile is actually existing.

    As far as I can tell, the below code works. The only issue that I've noticed so far is that the collision line detection isn't working. The collision detection wont happen in-between the projectile therefore leaving enemies unaffected that should of been affected. I have fast projectiles and the...
  3. Tuna

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Need help: Runner.exe exited with non-zero status (-1073741819) crash when reading a large string from a file

    Hello everyone. I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to GML, but I can usually get around my issues and make things work. This has not been the case while dealing with this problem. I have been googling and trying different solutions for a couple days now. My "game" is a simple...
  4. Slothagami

    GMS 2 Optimizing a trail effect

    I am making a space game and the planets (o_body) have a trail effect that fades with distance (and will eventually shrink with distance as well) I'm doing this with ds_lists at the moment, but I don't have many instances of o_body and my game has already dropped from 60 to 30 fps, is there a...
  5. siread

    Android Android ds_map / save issues

    I have an game on the iOS and Android stores called Retro Bowl and I have a small number of Android users experiencing a problem which looks like some team data has corrupted. All the teams in the game are ds_maps and they are stored in an ini file: // Store team data var size =...
  6. LamePower448

    GML Questions About ds_lists

    I have a projectile penetration mechanic in my game and I currently use ds_lists in each projectile to store identifiers of each object it collided with so it doesn't trigger more than once. I currently do this... # Create Event penetrated_objects = ds_list_create(); # Collision Event if...
  7. N

    Legacy GM [SOLVED}Delete an entry in a json file on a website

    Hi, I set up a promo code system in my game that rewards players by displaying a promo code that can be redeemed in an outlet. I stored a text json file in a website This is the code...
  8. S

    GMS 2 random numbers using ds_list_shuffle()

    I'm want to receive a value between 1 and 6 but if I've already received the value, i'll get a different value. I want to do this by adding the numbers in a ds_list and then using ds_list_shuffle() to switch up the numbers. Then i can just use the first numbers in the ds_list which will be...
  9. N

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Ds_List: adding /deleting random items in a ds list

    Hello, I'm relatively new to ds_ lists. Question: How do I randomly add or delete items from a ds list? If you have 3 deleted items from a ds_list, how do you randomly add one of them back? How do you also delete an item from a ds_list randomly?
  10. E

    Legacy GM (Help) ds_list_delete does not work like expected?

    I am currently making an inventory system for my game, and I am noob when it comes to ds_lists. They seem fairly easy and straightforward to use, but I am encountering a strange issue. When I use ds_delete, I pass it the ds_list, and the position to delete from. I even have a nice little pop-up...
  11. M

    Use ds_list to create instances in a sequence not all at once

    I've tried break, which at least created one instance before, well, breaking, flagging with alarms, and the different step events all of which created every instance. Stumped! Step Event if startStopCreate = true{ var i, angled; for (i = 0; i <ds_list_size(global.alphaLetters); i += 1;) {...
  12. Leon Hurley

    How do you get a ds_list out of a ds_map successfully?

    Hey all, I'm creating a ds_map based save system that saves various things and I'm having trouble getting a saved ds_list out of it. It saves a mixed range of individual values and ds_lists. I know can get a ds_list in there no problem when initialising data, as I can see the values in...
  13. K

    GML Can Someone Explain ds_lists To Me?

    Can Someone Explain ds_lists To Me? I Just Dont Understand Them
  14. 1

    Legacy GM Two bodies, two sets of arms for each, x y.

    Good Day. I'm making a big platform game due for release later this year and need to find a way to make two stick figures have their own set of arms using the same object. Eg: 2 of the objects of the same instance are armless (Legs, body, head only) Obj_Enemy_Stick Inst. 1 Inst. 2 Then the...
  15. G

    A question about ds_lists

    So how do I get my game to count the number of the same values in a ds_list? For example if I had a list called "fish", I want to know the number of "red fish" that are in the list, but not the number of "blue fish" or 'green fish".
  16. O

    Windows ds_list_[function] <<I'm confused...>>

    I got an error and I have absolutely no clue what to do to fix it. Anyone know what I should do? Pop :: Execution Error - Variable Index [0,-1] out of range [1,1] - -1.vamp_list(100238,-1) at gml_Object_eff_blood_StepNormalEvent_1 (line 10) - vamp_list =...
  17. Magicwaterz

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Enemy target list

    Hello. I am redoing my tower defense game yet again. I am currently having issues with my enemy target list as it as that outlier in the list. What this code does it lists enemies that are within its range, has an effectiveness between the target and the attacker not equal to 0, etc. I am doing...
  18. Joe Ellis

    Legacy GM Are buffers faster than arrays?

    Hi all, I know that arrays are a bit faster than ds_lists, but are buffers faster than arrays? I know how to use buffers, I'm just wondering if its worth converting all my array stuff to buffers at the end of my development to get optimal performance.