1. W

    Legacy GM One more question about Lists[SOLVED]

    Okay so I'm still working on my ds_list know-how, and I can't figure out if there's a way to check for a lack of an index. Like say I'm using this code inventory_size = ds_list_size(current_inventory) if( ds_list_find_index(current_inventory, inventory_size ) != "" ) { item_display_text =...
  2. M

    Legacy GM returing a boolean for ds_list_find_index

    I'm trying to check and see if I already have an objects ID in my data structure list. My code follows this logic tile = ds_list_find_index(list, obj to checking); if variable tile does not find anything { somebody=1 toucha=1 my=1 spaghe=1 } what number will...
  3. G

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] ds_list_find_index() as boolean?

    Hello! As the title says, how to treat ds_list_find_index() as boolean instead of certain indexes? for example I am trying to check if some values exist in a ds_list and if it does, it should return true otherwise it should return false. But somehow it returns false even though all the values...
  4. Luke Pierson

    DS Lists: find value and not position

    hey all! In my game, enemies will respawn if you use a checkpoint. Otherwise, enemies stay dead. Initially, I was using persistent rooms, but decided to go another route because I like to have control over the things happening within my game. Anyways, I decided to create a DS_list which...
  5. Zefyrinus

    A problem with ds_list_find_index

    Hi! I'm having a lot of problems with ds_lists. Explaining my project and stuff would take ages, so I'm cutting right to the problem. In a for-loop I'm searching for given values in a ds_list (the first line in this code). The next two show_message lines tell me that in position 0 in this...