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    turn based system: ds_list_delete is messed up

    I am working on a turn based game. the order of the turns is stored in a ds_list. Sometimes the code is executed a coupple of times even though I only pressed the mouse_button once. I'm working with child objects of the battle unit. does anyone have an idea whats wrong? is it the code or what...
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    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Ds_List: adding /deleting random items in a ds list

    Hello, I'm relatively new to ds_ lists. Question: How do I randomly add or delete items from a ds list? If you have 3 deleted items from a ds_list, how do you randomly add one of them back? How do you also delete an item from a ds_list randomly?
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    Legacy GM (Help) ds_list_delete does not work like expected?

    I am currently making an inventory system for my game, and I am noob when it comes to ds_lists. They seem fairly easy and straightforward to use, but I am encountering a strange issue. When I use ds_delete, I pass it the ds_list, and the position to delete from. I even have a nice little pop-up...